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This video adds strongly to the evidence pointing to the Podesta brothers being behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Interestingly, the research is being done by the public, using publicly available sources. Will the growing publicity about this lead to prosecution? Count me amongst the sceptical on this.

You may recall the source of this info was Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. And we now have a report (thanks, Lolita) from Jim Stone  that Julian Assange has been taken out and WikiLeaks dismantled. It would make sense as exposing Podesta and all that is connected to would have serious consequences for the global control system. Time will tell if it’s true.

End of update

Thank you, Susan , for your persistent prompting on this. I had seen reference to the notion that there is a powerful likeness between John and Tony Podesta and the police sketch likenesses of the abductors of Madeleine McCann in 2007.

However, this article points out other powerful evidence besides just this:

  • John Podesta’s first email from the WikiLeaks data dump is dated May 4, 2007. Little Madeline disappeared May 3, 2007.
  • John Podesta was in Portugal at the time.

But I’m sure nothing further will be done about this. They are amongst the elite who are above the law, which really only exists to keep “the little people” in check. You need look no further than Hillary’s emails to know this.

End of Update.

As I’ve said before, perhaps the evidence connecting John Podesta and Hillary and Bill Clinton to paedophilia might just be the thread that exposes this global satanic paedophilic and child sacrificial network that is used to control those in power in every part of our modern world, and this thread continues to be pulled. I quote:

This is the part of the apocalypse (unveiling) that we have been waiting for. It is not pretty, it is very disturbing. Some people may shy away, some might get sick and angry, but this is part of the healing process as we move into the golden age. We have to go through this part first. Everything that has been hidden seems to be coming into view now. We as a whole must face this part of the transition so ultimately we can move forward towards peace. Like David Wilcock said ‘once you throw up you’ll feel better’.

We now know thanks to whistle-blowers, both past and recent, that the elite (in the monetary sense) are engaged in Luciferian ritualistic pedophilia and human (child) sacrifice. What you are about to read is extremely unsettling and disturbing. When I first started reading through these e-mails with the coded words I became sick and wanted to cry. I then thought it’s one thing to be aware that these things are happening, but to see the e-mails where these high-level people in government are using well-known code words to describe exchanges and activities with children is an entirely different thing altogether.

There are e-mails that allegedly contain negotiations between individuals to purchase and ship children to various places. I will be continuously updating this particular post as more e-mails have been emerging and others have been digging and finding more conversations about abusing children. I am not saying these things are definitely being said in the e-mails and it hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet but I will just let you decide what you think is going on.

End of quote.

Then we have the video entitled Podestas, Pizza and Pedos, revealing some of the goings on at Besta Pizza in Washington, DC, and images such as this one emerging:

homosexual-pizzaAdd to this the setting up of orphanages in war zones to ostensibly care for the children but in fact to act as harvesting centres, along with the harvesting of existing ones for children for many purposes, including paedophilia and sacrifice:

The CIA founded three major orphanages including one of UNESCO’s. The Rockefellers funded four orphanages. There was overlap at one of them which caused some problems. The CIA “talent scouts” came by a week after Rockefeller’s did and that made the nuns suspicious. In each case, the nuns were told that the scouts were working for large adoption agencies in the US and the kids were to be quickly processed in a large lot for adoption. The local orphanages in Yugoslavia were absolutely swamped. There were tons of babies and large numbers of war orphans, the later mainly the result of US bombs killing their parents. Some had been dug out of the rubble days later. Many of these kids were extremely traumatized already.

End of quote.

All in a day’s work.

As I illustrate in this article on satanism, getting access to children for these practices is all too easy. Those of us living normal lives simply have no clue of the scale of these global practices.

Will this thread get pulled and unravel this global control system? Time will tell.


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