Hillary Clinton’s ill health sneaking into the public eye

Please don’t think I’ve suddenly got interested the charade we call politics. Indeed this quote from Aldous Huxley gets it very well, in my opinion:
Aldous Huxley on the perfect dictatorship
I think Huxley’s description covers what we are inside of rather well. More on this Huxley and his brother and other family members in due course.
But back to Hillary.
A number of commentators have made reference to her apparent public seizures and inability to walk upstairs unaided, but this report gets to the nitty gritty, revealing evidence from her medical records, which indicate she has been suffering from Subcortical Vascular Dementia since at least 2012 and it has been progressing quickly. Now, in general I agree with keeping a person’s medical records private, but this is someone aiming to be the Head Puppet of the United States. I mean, the Head Puppet has to be able to read the teleprompter and ACT!!! I’m not sure she’s up to it.
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