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Trevor LaBonte lays it out very simply:

I have been called “Captain Conspiracy.” But for the record, I only believe in one conspiracy.

You know, those guys to whom the nations owe trillions upon trillions of dollars? The ones that have accumulated almost all the world’s money through the amoral practice of usury? Yes, them. They own your government, they are the deep state, the plutocrats, the oligarchs, whatever you want to call them.

Call me a conspiracy nut all you want, and I in turn might call you an oblivious gentile…but these banksters are ALL jews, that is a fact. They have names like Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Goldsmith, Goldman, Sachs, Lazar, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Sieff, or Solomon…they are all jews, no gentiles in that club. And they OWN your government. From there, it is a big, top-down international crime organization. You have heard the term “cabal?” The word means specifically a group of jewish criminals…that is what we have.

(((Governments))) control nations’ militaries and foreign policies, and also regulate things like education, food, drugs, and medicine. and have you noticed the food, water, and “medicines” are dangerous poisons?

The jewish shadow government also controls academia as well as the news and entertainment media (Frankfurt/Tavistock). This is why there is no 9/11 truth in the mainstream, practically no one has heard of the USS Liberty attack, people do not know that Israel runs ISIS, people do not know who killed JFK and RFK, people do not know about the “Greater Israel” project, they don’t know/care about Israel’s illegal nukes, they have never heard of the Samson option.

 There is not one single show on TV, not one famous artist or comedian, ore one single professor in any Western university that has the balls or the freedom to say that the holocaust story is the world’s biggest rubbish heap. All the evidence needed to definitively disprove the holocaust fairytale has existed for at least 40 years, but it is being suppressed, and there is no “denying” that.

 In the entertainment media, Arabs, Muslims, “Nazis,” and nationalists are always portrayed as deranged devils and terrorists.

 Every manner of perverse, decadent behavior is glamorized, while everything that is normal and healthy is made to look hateful, bigoted, ignorant, and outdated.

 People that believe in God and have strong morals rooted in divine concepts like love, truth, justice, peace, compassion, etc…are made to look like wackos suffering collectively from what charlatan Richard Dawkins has termed a “God delusion.” There is no universal morality in the NWO. Morality and Judaism don’t go together.

We live in an artificial society that is the creation of jewish marxist social engineers, who have given us, among other atrocities, a system of self-censorship, called “political correctness,” that is actually designed mainly to keep people from talking about jews and observing the patterns in their highly organized behavior.

Finally, the most powerful, monied lobbies are the jewish lobbies, and they are the ones that bribe the already jewish-controlled governments to make illegal wars that are in no one’s interest but the jews. The (((government))) also controls western intelligence agencies, which function as wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Rothschilds and Israeli Mossad, which is where terrorism comes from.

All one needs in order to understand the conspiracy is to understand judaism. Jewish people do not believe in other nations or religions. They, as a collective, are out to destroy all of it and in its place they plan to consolidate power into a one world jewish-only government seated in Jerusalem. It is up to awakened gentiles to pull the other ones out of the matrix so we can all spread the truth, taboo as it is, until it goes completely viral and the NWO is eviscerated like the flesh of a vampire when it comes in contact with the dawning of a new day.

End of quote.

Again, all Jews do not willingly subscribe to this model, but this fact does not make the essential claims above untrue.

May the rest of us wake up from the stupor they have placed us in and set ourselves free.


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