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Sadly but, for me, unsurprisingly, I could share with you a thousand stories like this one:

The recent wave of heightened Islamophobia in the U.S. is not limited to the violent rhetoric and cruel policies of conservative politicians; it’s also being drummed into police through a Georgia-based program that has sent thousands of American law enforcement officials to Israel for counter-terrorism training.

In an unusually candid discussion about the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE), program director Robert Friedmann recently declared that, “There is no Islamophobia. There is knife-o-phobia,” as he presented decontextualized video clips of Arabs stabbing Israeli police officers.

Friedmann’s audience was not his usual group of high-ranking police, military, and government officials. Rather, he was speaking to a small number of civilians at a December 7th, 2015 luncheon held by the Atlanta chapter of the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The talk, titled “How Safe Is America from ISIS?” offered a glimpse into the racist ideology underpinning the trainings that police nationwide have undergone.

Robert Friedmann’s Zionist advocacy

Robert Friedmann (Photo: Israeli Embassy to the United States)

Friedmann, who emigrated from Romania to Israel as a child in 1950, came to the U.S. in the 1970s to study sociology, and found his niche in researching community policing as a professor of criminology  at at Georgia State University (GSU). He founded GILEE in 1992, initially to train local law enforcement in Israeli counterterrorism tactics he believed were necessary to ensure security for the 1996 Olympics. The program has grown by leaps and bounds, and now serves as a foreign exchange program for U.S. and Israeli police; in multiple delegations throughout the year, law enforcement officials from the U.S. travel to Israel for counterterrorism training, and Israeli police come to Georgia to learn about community policing and drug interdiction. According to Friedmann’s AJC presentation, 24,000 participants have engaged in 330 programs and 180 delegations during GILEE’s 23-year life.

Following its inception, GILEE quickly became a vehicle for Friedmann’s Zionist advocacy, which has gained considerable clout over the years. He served on the board of the southeast region’s American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, is on the professional advisory board of the Israel-based International Institute for Counterterrorism, and is included in the Israeli embassy’s speaker’s bureau. He also authored an e-newsletter during the Second Intifada, through which he shared his analyses of “Palestinian terrorism” with 400,000 subscribers. Friedmann later published a collection of the newsletters in two books.

End of quote.

Or perhaps you’d prefer this one – THE JEWISH AGENDA TO DISARM AMERICA:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.”  – Noel Ignatiev, Harvard University & Massachusetts College of Art Professor

“The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on.” – Henry Ford. February 1921, the New York World

“The increasing globalism of the 21st Century, driven on by Jewish supremacists, will continue to decrease the choices and freedoms of all people. Moreover, it will endanger the preservation of individual culture, traditions, values, religious beliefs and ethnic identities. The end result of globalism will be an enormous world government, one that will crush freedom and diversity as a steamroller would a flower.” – David Duke, Jewish Supremacism

Over the past several years, America has seen a well thought out real-time hostile-takeover plan to destroy the nation using repetitive alleged murderous shootings and acts of terrorism to take our guns, our free speech, start a race war, and mind-control individuals into accepting slavery and committing cultural suicide.

This is a spell, so ugly, it can only be neutralized by the power the People of this nation invest into the First and Second Amendments. These Amendments are lifesaving, nation saving tools and Law to stand up against a criminal regime which has infiltrated our government infrastructure and is now working to achieve destabilization, destruction, and finally a total take-over of the United States of America. It is an invasion of an enemy and a real reason for American individuals to embrace the First and Second Amendment and use them for what as they were intended – as weapons to protect this nation against our enemies foreign and domestic.

The Bill of Rights was written to give every American a chance to live free in a section of the world where dreamers, creators, and free spirited warriors could breathe free of oppression and agony. The Founding Fathers did not leave us with warning signs for the troubling times ahead based on a possible vision of the future. They gave us the vision based on the real truth of a troubled past. The Founders wrote extensively about how Liberty could be lost and by what means the Constitution might be usurped. The Bill of rights serves as a written reminder of how the law of the land restricts the actions of the government, regardless of regulations, statutes and other legal fictions created to the contrary. The Bill of Rights provides weapons against an enemy that would critically weaken the people while unlawfully strengthening the government.

“Firearms stand next in importance of the Constitution itself. They are the American peoples liberty teeth and keystone under independence.” General George Washington

End of quote.

Both of these articles are recent.

Western civilisation is experiencing death by a thousand cuts, a process that is driven and has been driven for perhaps 3 thousand years by a group who believe they are the chosen ones and who consider the rest of humanity to be worse than or no better than animals and are to be exploited and ultimately destroyed using any means available. Henry Ford warned us in his series of articles in 1920-2 that became “The International Jew”, and David Duke has done so more recently in “Jewish Supremacism” (2003, updated 2013). Interestingly, both men used the same strategy of quoting Jewish sources for their evidence, and it’s abundant if you look. Despite this, there remain Jewish apologists who deny what these men shared with us because they themselves are stuck inside their own version of the propaganda employed by this core group. How can a rational mind deny this evidence when it comes from the mouths of the perpetrators? But they do. In large measure, those well-meaning Jews who are not directly part of this horrific project take words such as mine to be further evidence of global anti-Semitism. But even that is part of the plan. Nothing could be more anti-Semitic than the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the land Israel has stolen from them since WWI and especially since the end of WWII, but the chosen ones own the media, so the truth is never spoken. As I’ve said before, most Jews are not Semites (they’re Khazars) and most Semites are not Jews.

And anyone who wishes to get a book published and marketed by the mainstream dare not breathe a word of it, since the chosen ones also own the book publishers. Not to mention Hollywood, the music industry – both modern and classical, the theatre industry… …and most of the world’s real estate, mineral wealth and the companies that exploit it…

You have to get your head around the deeply entrenched attitude of these people to the rest of humanity. Lying, cheating, disenfranchising, killing, setting up wars and other ethnic cleansing games that kill tens of millions of people, such in Russia and China under Mao Zedong, WWI, WWII, etc. are all fair game when you have this view. And they do and they act out of it whilst screaming that they are being victimised by those they are systematically destroying. This quote from David Duke gets it:

A Palestinian I met in college related to me one of the most descriptive remarks I have ever heard concerning the Palestinian conflict. He told me that “The Jew always cries in pain as he strikes you!”

I despair for humanity and our world in the face of this.

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