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Thank you, Kate.

If you act upon just one thing I send you or have sent you, watch this interview with Dr Rima Laibow.

Trained as an allopathic medical practitioner and psychiatrist, Rima understood how psychoactive drugs worked and how little was truly understood about their impact on the broader enzymatic system.

So she built a psychiatric and general medical practice that healed naturally – and people flocked to her with so-called incurable diseases and she helped them heal themselves.

And then she began to understand the broader agenda – that there are globalists who plan to reduce the world’s population to 10% of its current level, that John D Rockefeller created the allopathic medical system to sell pharmaceuticals (I have written about this before), that he was at the center of the eugenics movement, and so much more.

But Rima has been there in the thick of it. She’s sat in the Codex Alimentarius meetings and watched how they work. She drove the protest against the planned swine flu vaccination of every American because she understood their agenda, including rendering the American population infertile.

Rima understands the globalist game and she explains it in terms we can all understand.

If Rima doesn’t wake you up, then nothing and no-one will.

And thank you, Kate, for a beautiful interview.

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