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It’s been an interesting couple of days in the US Presidential Punch and Judy show. The shift was arguably begun by this video posted by Steve Pieczenik entitled The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States. Actually, it is the second of three videos posted by Pieczenik on his YouTube channel in the last few days discussing the Clintons and their behaviours and sexual proclivities. I have referred to Pieczenik and his work in the past and here is his profile. No slouch, I think you’ll agree and a man who, for me, demonstrated his integrity by resigning from the American Psychiatric Association, given their horrific activities and agenda. And there’s another item worth noting. Whilst Pieczenik has been a public Internet figure, he has, to my knowledge, kept his face hidden until these three videos. For this, he’s right out there.

In the third video entitled The Clinton Pedophilia Connection, he reveals the Clinton’s close connection with Jeff Epstein and his island resort in the Bahamas, which has seen extensive abuse of children by the world’s rich and famous. As I discuss here and in many other places, it is clear that child sexual abuse and child sacrifice lie at the heart of the global satanic (buried inside Judaism) control system. In the most recent video, Pieczenik reveals Hillary Clinton’s preference for female sexual partners and young ones at that. Now, this is not new news. In fact, Cathy O’Brien shared this with us from her own experience in “Trance: Formation of America”, published in 1995. Cathy was a Presidential mind controlled slave during the Reagan and Bush Senior Presidencies, interestingly overlapping the time of Pieczenik in government service.

But most people don’t want to look behind the curtain.

This article today by Mike Adams discusses some of the consequences of these revelations.

And to quote a friend of mine, “Every one of them are going to sell their mother’s eyes for a plea bargain. Hillary will crawl naked over broken glass to stick cocktail sticks in the prosecutors shit for a year off her sentence.” Colourful and probably not far wide of the mark.

And there’s another game in play here that I find fascinating to watch. We have two men whom I respect, both with backgrounds in American intelligence and are well connected, it seems, taking polar opposite positions on Hillary Clinton and on Julian Assange. We have Pieczenik as revealed above, opposed to Clinton because of her and Bill’s crime history, which is there for anyone to see, including the infamous trail of dead bodies leading back to Arkansas and perhaps prior, and Julian Assange, who has been a willing player, it seems, in this exposure. And then we have Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, who has uncompromisingly come out in support of Hillary against Trump and who claims that Assange is an Israeli agent.

And maybe he is. Pieczenik, after all, is Jewish and may well be part of the control system, kept in reserve for the right moment. And he knows better than most how the game is played. He probably wrote some of the insider playbooks.

And they both agree that 9/11 was an inside job.

Now, there’s no denying who and what the Clintons are. But why, now, is this coming out the way it is?

And I’m not making a case for Trump being any better. I’ve shared his background as being funded by the global Jewish elite and their tool as part of their hidden hand control of the United States going back to at least 1913, when the final brick was put in place with the creation of the Fed.

So, as I said to another friend today who blogs on what she sees, I just watch. To me, it’s so far all part of the pageantry, though there are threads, such as the Epstein connection and the paedophilia of the Clintons which just might reveal this global abusive control practice I have long pointed out.

Come join me in the bleachers. It’s about to get interesting.


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