Jim Fetzer discusses Jade Helm 15, 9/11 and Boston Marathon bombing

This is a must listen interview with Emeritus Professor James Fetzer on these and other false flag events and the coming Jade Helm exercise, which looks to be a structure within which to impose martial law in the United States. Jim has done the hard yards to fully understand and document core false flag events in America, going back to the JFK assassination. If you are one of those who doubt that these are false flag events, take the time to listen to Jim speaking with Richie Allen.

It is one thing to disagree, it is another to disagree based upon a preferred belief system that those in “authority” would do such things. Jim does not shoot from the hip. He does his homework and he shares it widely. And if you have woken up to what’s going on, this interview is a great way to come up to speed with Jim’s latest research and publications.

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