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I was interested to note the confirmation from Mehran Keshe in his Blueprint training presentations last week that his technology was very much part of the Iranian nuclear deal, as conjectured here. The impact of this technology on employment and economic well-being across the planet is beyond our imaginations. It is at least as great if not greater than removing the drain of countries paying the Zionist global bankers for the privilege of printing and issuing money. His back of an envelope estimate of the impact in Italy alone of the annual electric power savings alone is around $40BN. It’s no wonder those opposed to the Iran agreement folded under the onslaught, since they have been developing the technology for a decade, including using it to capture the CIA’s very latest hi tech RQ-170 Sentinel reconnaissance drone in December 2011.

There will no doubt be teething problems as we need to re-think how we do some things, e.g.  resistive heaters may stop working in many cases and traditional incandescent light bulbs will likely blow, and these units need to be introduced gradually into our homes, so they can condition the house to operating on plasma-based energy, but these are small prices to pay for the overall impact upon life as we know it. There are those still hell bent on stopping this rollout as the Belgian government did for a decade (and they are still trying), but there are now thousands if not tens of thousands of people around the globe using the information Keshe has provided, who are in the process of building their own Magravs power units or have one on order, and many countries have already tested the technology in the last couple of weeks and given it the go-ahead. Africa, which has been raped and pillaged for well over a hundred years for its resources will be the most heavily impacted. There are already people connected to the Keshe Foundation in Africa teaching the public how to build these units for themselves, and the first units were shipped to the public last Friday.

This technology, if it is allowed fully into the public domain, will have people begin to see how deeply they have been manipulated and controlled. In my opinion, it represents part of the transition our world needs.

There are those who think Keshe is a fraud or that his technology isn’t for real, but there are people across the globe who have developed prototypes and are releasing products based upon the technology. This technology could make Keshe a multi-billionaire (he’s already financially independent – he planned things that way), but he is giving it freely to humanity. It’s one of the things that caught the global controllers off guard. They couldn’t imagine him doing that, and I suspect it is too late to stop it, even though the MSM will not talk about it.

Part of the issue for most people is that they cannot imagine that creation as we have understood it in the matter or temporal domain is only a very small aspect of what actually exists. I find a powerful connection between the amazing skills demonstrated by the world’s great yogis of the Himalayas and what is made possible by invoking the power of the background plasma, something I will write more about in the future. Others have seen Keshe’s failure to deliver in the past as being about the fraudulent nature of his claims, not recognising what was being done in the background to stop its release, such as ruling his first method for creating a plasma to generate power for the public was nuclear in nature and shut him down. As it turns out, they did him a favour as the current approach is accessible to anyone willing to master the process (a few practical, handyman skills and as home workshop certainly help).

And he has already demonstrated the impact on health and healing when you begin to understand that the human body is plasmatic in nature and how it actually works.

Watch this space.

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