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I have posted previously about the extraordinary work and technology of Mehran Keshe.

Today the Keshe foundation has released two videos documenting the challenging and challenged path Keshe has walked in seeking to bring his technology to the world. This video provides a 7 minute, easy-to-follow summary of his claims, which include the attempts by forces within the Belgian power elite to confiscate his technology, led by Hans Bracquene. He also names the assassin within Belgian police who has tried to assassinate Keshe and calls out the ritualistic child abuse of the recently abdicated King Albert II of Belgium, as well as Bracquene.

This longer video by Keshe himself, which is difficult to hear, given its recording via Skype and a poor microphone, spells these claims out in detail. Although recently moved from Belgium to Italy, it seems he is aware of at least one current threat on his life. This history is documented here.

In this video, Keshe makes calls to Obama, Interpol, The Hague, the UN, even to the Illuminati, the Rothschilds and the Freemasons to act against the former King Albert II and Bracquene. Unfortunately, it appears that Keshe has not yet realised that all of these elements are part of the same power structure that he asks them to act against. Of course there is no action against an assassin in the Belgian police or Bracquene. From what I have looked at, Belgium is at the heart of the darkness that reaches to all levels of money, power, politics, judiciary and secret societies across the planet. Ritualistic paedophilia runs to the core of religion, power and money on our planet. It is in part how the ultimate power is held in place, through dark initiation and blackmail.

Those in power have assassinated many who would bring forth an alternative to the power, control and slavery they impose through fossil (and nuclear) fuels, reaching back to the time of Nikola Tesla, as I have shared previously.

The experiences of childhood ritualistic abuse at the hands of Freemasons and senior religious clergy, amongst others, of Toos Nijenhuis I share here, the testimony of Cathy O’Brien on the paedophilia of GHW Bush and others, also linked to in that article, the testimony of Arizona Wilder in her interview with David Icke on ritualistic abuse and paedophilia and how it reaches to royalty and power across Europe and elsewhere, illustrate how endemic this is – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, Mehran, please be careful who you place your hope and trust in – and be careful. Exposing all of this is perhaps your best line of defence. The world needs your technology and your impassioned championing of its free availability to the world.

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