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Thank you, Frankie.

Lindsey Williams was a “missionary” in Alaska during the building of the massive Alaskan oil pipeline, and came to know many of the global elite and has shared a lot of information they shared with him over the years. His material was confirmation of many things I have otherwise understood from other sources.

This video provides (backup at this link) confirmation of recent events and some to shortly come. Lindsey is a good man, albeit mired in a Christian perspective. I can look past that slant to the information he is sharing.

I have taken one viewer’s quick bullet point summary and added a little to it.

1. SARS-COV-2 was released by the elite (shared 3 years ago as a forecast that was accurate to the month) to test whether the churches would close per government orders. Because the Constitution grants all worship houses the right to refuse government-ordered closure, the churches closed and failed the litmus test of the elite: they buckled under and fell from grace.
Personally, there was a lot more to this than just that. The fact that it was a carefully planned event is beyond question.

2. The elite will release a new more deadly virus and thus you must boost your immunity now.

Lindsey said he didn’t know what the next “pandemic” would be (not necessarily a virus), but implored people to get their immune systems in tip top condition in preparation.

3. The elite will cause a record cold snap prior to Nov 3 to destroy the crops and precipitate a food shortage – stock up now’.
If you have been watching, they did the same thing last year in the US, along with measures in most parts of the world to destroy the global food supply. I have been writing about this for well over a year, maybe two.

4. Your cell phone spies for the elite (anyone shocked by this revelation?)

For me, as in the past, most of what Lindsey says is confirmation of other sources, including the second planned “pandemic”.

The plan to induce unseasonal cold in the northern US this Fall is news to me but no surprise.

The evidence is everywhere as to what’s happening if you are but willing to look.


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