Microchip Implant – update

Thank you, Sean. 

The following article shows further proof of the saccharine attempts through advertising,  that the current Elite are using to persuade the gullible, to take up the offers of fun and security offered by the RFID microchip. What emerges are FACEBOOK, COCA COLA working in partnership to entrain children. In a separate advert we see patients offered the security of the chip whose various ailments prevent them from coping without them, apparently.


In my opinion, one of the chief reasons for engineering the Financial Crisis is to offer a fait accompli to the populace, of whom a large proportion will be reliant on handouts from the State, simply to survive. No chip, no chips would perhaps be a good marketing tag line.. I’m wasted here. 🙂



This video from that site shows an ad from Verichip for the RFID chip. You can see the flavour of this.

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