WAR ALERT: Thousands of Troops Massing on Jordan Syrian Border

This report details the military build-up along the Syrian border in Jordan as thousands of US, British and Jordanian troops prepare for war.

End of quote.

Clearly, from the things that Morphonios says, for all he has revealed, he has not yet grasped the bigger picture plans of the satanic Jewish elite for the world, which they have been unfolding for well over 100 years and arguably for much longer. He seems to think that Trump acts Presidentially and is accountable for what the US does, or that he is not going to lie about anything he chooses, like every political leader of the US and elsewhere before him.

What will it take for people to begin to see how our world actually works?

And are we watching preparations of the planned WWIII that Albert Pike foretold in 1871?

It seems to me TPTB don’t understand or can’t quite believe the import of the Keshe toys that Iran and Russia have in their pockets.


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