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I first came across the story of two Swedish twins, Sabina and Ursula Ericsson and their amazing physical behaviour on a U.K. motorway in a video by John Stormm. John describes himself as an MK Ultra survivor, and if you watch this video, you will see why. John has displayed superhuman abilities for much of his life and he explains how this is the result of his treatment at the hands of MK Ultra. In his video, John is very clear that these two women are the result of the same kind of treatment that he has been through.

A more complete version of their story has turned up on YouTube. It shows how Sabina was struck by three cars in three separate incidents on the motorway (Ursula similarly), each of which would have killed a normal person, and within 24 hours Sabina was discharged from hospital in seemingly perfect health. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

This video shows how the general world has no framework within which to view such people, and if the psychiatrists understood it, they certainly weren’t revealing it in public. When you understand how this programming sets up multiple personalities or alters and how these are brought forth quite independently of each other, a notion first made public in the 1962 movie Manchurian Candidate, you can begin to understand their behaviour.

I have shared information about mind control and a shorter video by John in the past, and you can access this material here. It’s time we recognised what’s going on out there, and stop behaving like it doesn’t exist.

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