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Susanne Posel gives us an excellent update (as of September 2012) on the rollout of Agenda 21 housing I have mentioned previously. I quote:

In San Francisco single individuals are rent their very own 1st generation Agenda 21 two hundred and twenty-two square foot apartment (if the closet and bathroom are factored into the allocated living space). The intention of these “shoe box homes” are to house marginalize the general public and train them to accept less living space in the name of affordability.

In the South Market neighborhood in San Francisco, Patrick Kennedy, a UC Berkley-based developer, will reveal his contribution to the move toward cramped housing with mini-apartments of 300 square foot. Kennedy explains: “You could obviously build more of them if you don’t have to do them as large.”

Residents who live alone can expect to be coerced into giving up extra room for breath-taking views of the Bay area, furniture that comes out of the walls and beds that convert to couches to maximize living space.

In essence, these mini-apartments are only a bit bigger than the average US prison cell, although designed to resemble a hotel room.

Back in July, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the construction of 275 to 300 square foot micro-apartments in Kips Bay in a beta-test to coerce New Yorkers into living in tight-knit, purposefully dense areas to alter the psychological landscape toward conversation globalist style.

In Boston, one developer exclaims that renters only need 450 square feet to live in and anything else is a waste of space. In the Seaport District Mayor Thomas M. Menino says that young professionals will want to live in these mini-apartments because of their exceptional waterfront views. Menino’s $100 million endeavor called the Boston Wharf Tower is a “project will help turn this neighborhood into a vibrant, 24-hour mixed-use community.”

In these units there is barely room for furniture, so designers made sure that there would be a pull-out couch and a comparatively small monthly rental to justify asking the Bostonian public to live in a personal Agenda 21 prison.

I commend the entire article to you, so you know what is being stealthily implemented across the planet.

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