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This Orlando “event” is being thoroughly worked over by the MSM, driving several concurrent agendas, gun control being perhaps the leading item. I can’t ignore it. Meanwhile, we have this kind of well-connected insight and update from Preston James, including some of the horrific practices that are part of the modern MK-Ultra mind control and programming regime. It is simply beyond imagination.

As well, the alternative media has begun to share the strong evidence of “crisis” actors being used, as has become commonplace in these events.

And in case you think the false flag scenario is – well – false, watch Steven Spielberg directing the action at the Boston Marathon bombing and Sofia Smallstorm’s analysis of the Sandy Hook “massacre” in Connecticut, where nobody died. To say it’s a false flag event is not to say that nobody died. They may well do. It’s saying that the event was contrived and not conducted by those blamed for it, 9/11 being a classic case. Mind you, as James Perloff eloquently and cogently illustrates, false flag events have been used to trigger perhaps all wars and major global events in the last couple of hundred years at least. It’s just that most of us are asleep to it.

We all need to disengage from the MSM and look more deeply, difficult though that can be, if we want to try to get an accurate understanding of what is going down.

And don’t get me started on the agenda pursued by Jewish Steven Spielberg in his movies. It’s truly horrific when you stand back and look at it. For example, Joe Average still thinks Schindler’s List was factual. Job done.




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