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Thank you, Hedy. May enough people get behind this possibility to demand and force change. As I have said before, I believe this being allowed.


Mehran Keshe warns of the consequences of TEPCO dumping contaminated waters in the ocean.  He has the technology that can clean it up and free humanity from nuclear energy.  This has become no longer only a Japanese crisis, but a planetary crisis.


Posted Dec. 28, 2013 – 9:38 am 

The Fukushima situation has to be resolved now and not in the future and through a different channel than TEPCO.

I have put all my effort in these holidays and have canceled everything even my holidays with my family to write and make papers and manuals for Japanese community in how to recover their lands from contamination.

We have requested for the intervention of the Washington directly in this matter in the past 48 hours.

I have written through the channels available to us to His Excellency President Obama, asking for his intervention in this matter between the Foundation and the Japanese organizations (TEPCO) concerning Fukushima.

We hope the response will be positive as it was with the peace treaty and USB stick. We know His Excellency and the White House keep an eye on our work and have been doing so for sometimes as we are all aware.

You have to realize that once we release videos as has been asked by Japanese community of how to do the decontamination, then we need the government apparatus to get involved to collect and store the cesium and other radioactive materials, which farmers collect from their land.

Secondly public need to have the know-how in how to handle the collected contaminated materials.

We are here to help, and not to create a bigger problem.

We have been asked and we will keep this move very close to us until we solve the matter.

As I have said in my communications in the past week, now we are free from the power generator unit development and now we enter to solve this subject with full force and will not stop until is done.

As what has alarmed me, is that in the last week the authorities have mentioned in their press conference in Tokyo that they are considering in diluting waters held in giant tanks in the station and they are talking of then dumping this diluted water in the high seas.

We are not from the back of the mountain ignorant people, as TEPCO think.

This is not sugar to dilute and becomes less tasty and sweet to swallow.

This is tritium-contaminated water you are talking about, and tritium contamination will be on every man plate around the world in less than 12 month, if this move is carried out.

This move by TEPCO is lethal and inconsiderate and they have already through backdoors released large quantities of the contaminated water into the ocean anyway.

This shows that TEPCO think everyone is ignorant, as they have got away with their play for the last two years and have been playing with every mans life on this planet.

We are not opposing the cleanup, but we are setting the scene for reduction in contamination and reduction in volume of contaminated matters through the right channels and methods for their retraction from the ground and water and their safe storage.

Members of the Foundation and our readers, Please put as much work as you can on TEPCO, this is where the problem has to be solved.

TEPCO needs to know that there are correct solutions available to them and as world citizens, it is our jobs to protect the next generation and ourselves.

TEPCO has had problem with me and with the Foundation, as I am an Iranian nuclear physicist and the Japanese government has banned them to enter in any negotiation with us.

I offered the technology for the decontamination to the Japanese government, when I handed the USB stick to the embassy personally last year.

They did not refuse the USB and they never returned it back to us either.

So, if the patents and the information on the USB were good, then so is the decontamination process we offer should be good too.

If we do not see positive move, within days, as has been requested by our Japanese friends, we will release full process step by step on video to the public that they can start to decontaminate their lands and homes.

Do not forget that there are children whom are getting affected by cesium through playground in Japan too, and this is much worse than anyone could imagine and it is not getting reported.

We are here to serve humanity, we have asked for no financial rewards or payment from TEPCO or Japanese government, our technology is free for you to use, but if the move is not made by the White House and TEPCO, then I will teach Japanese in the coming days line by line, minute by minute live on the YouTube how to handle the whole situation, from making the material they need up to how to protect themselves and how to dispose of the contaminated materials.

I am sure then the world scientists will join us too to give their advice too to finish this job as a team.

Enough is enough, for foot pedaling for TEPCO.

We need to organize the same force as for peace treaty and help the situation, 2 years has been long enough to wait and go from one disaster to another with TEPCO.

I understand that they are under pressure to solve this problem, but now it is time to open the door for world scientists to come in and help.

Protectionism is killing all of us.

My message to TEPCO and Japanese government is simple, please learn from our Russian friends and Chernobyl, they asked for the others outside their borders for help and help was given and we all are living in a fairly moderate condition with that disaster as a humanity as we all helped and we did what we could at that time or at least we thought we did and could do.

Please open the doors and let us help or we will let the people to help themselves and you will follow the people.

Moreover, this is not how to govern, as it is not Japan, but the whole of human race, which this situation is putting and has put under threat.

We are not a pressure group, but scientific group, which we let our voice to be heard through our technology.

NHK Japanese television from their e-mail sounds to support us, once we start teaching and they will report.

We are waiting for the response from the world leader, if he can come in to give a helping hand.

IAEA will be involved soon and it has no choice but getting involved as they should have done something long ago and they were to busy with Iran situation and they have taken their eyes of the ball of the Fukushima.

TEPCO needs to listen to world scientists.

What I do not understand is that how can Japan’s Emperor and Prim-minster be living in the country, which its air and food is giving them and their family cause for cancer and they are not asking for their government to do something about it.

TEPCO does not have the expertise, others do, and now we are coming in as world scientists to make the change if they like it or not.

The tsunami destroyed the Fukushima PowerStation, but the PowerStation tsunami contamination is destroy the rest of the humanity.


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