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I have been tracking the story of the murder of many holistic doctors as a result, primarily, of their work with the body’s natural immune system activator, GcMAF and the evidence that Big Pharma has been working to defeat its action through the presence of the enzyme nagalase in our bodies.

Today, Foster Gamble released an update on this situation, in which he says that the number of murders is now up to 33, and this began as recently as June 2015!!!

He also says that he is in touch with people examining whether nagalase has been intentionally added to vaccines (something Dr Rima Laibow claimed she was doing but went surprisingly silent on) and Foster says, “We know several people who are investigating this, now, to find out whether or not there has actually been nagalase covertly put into vaccines to lower our immune system, and so far the results that I’m hearing about are kind of chilling, but it’s premature to reveal those, yet.

Thank you, Foster. I look forward to you revealing this information when you feel the time is right.

As with so many subjects like this, I know that many who are connected in some manner with the Western medical system will have a hard time believing this, partly because they have dedicated their lives to the best outcomes for those benefiting from their work and they know that most people on the ground inside the system are coming from this place. But this is one of the classic traps. If you don’t examine who created the context in which you find yourself and for what purpose, you cannot conceive that this deception could be so. But it is.

The same is true of religions. They contain many well-meaning people and almost none of them understand the satanic context that gave rise to that religion.

Ditto many well-meaning and honourable Jewish people, who have NO CLUE about what they are inside of and rush to condemn what I say about this. As the saying goes, “There are none so blind as those that will not see”.

Ditto the average Freemason.

And so it goes.

Most of us, even with the best intention have no idea of the power of belief in the formation of our perceptions, and hence how to deconstruct this lens that we are trained, often from birth, to look at the world through, including many who think they are able to.

But organisations like Thrive and individuals like Foster and Kimberly Gamble and many, many others are doing truly wonderful work to expose this game, and will continue to do so whilst the Internet and all of the services connected to it survive; something we cannot take for granted.

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