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Thank you, Nods. 

The Peoples Voice shared this earlier today – pretty shocking

Why is the World so Quiet? Plea from citizen of Ukraine:

“Why is the world quiet?
Sir or Madam,
My name is Igor Rozovskiy. I am 39. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I am an Emergency Care doctor with 15 years experience.
Yesterday, on May 2, 2014 a frightful tragedy happened in Odessa: over 40 people were burned alive in the Trade Union Building.
As a doctor, I tried to help the burned injured survivor…s. I was confronted by one of the armed neo-nazi Ukrainian nationalists who rudely pushed me away from the injured.
He also threatened that soon me and other Jews of Odessa will be burned too.
I saw a survivor in agony, whose life I could save in a hospital, but the neo-nazis who set the building on fire were still there, preventing any aid to those who escaped the flames. As I attempted to approach the injured, neo-nazi hit me in the face, broke my glasses.
During my 15 years as an Emergency Physician, I saw a many horrible injuries, but yesterday I wanted to cry, from pain of humiliation, from inability to help the injured, prevented by Ukrainian neo-nazi nationalist murderers.
Such barbarities had not happened since the nazi occupation of Odessa in WWII.
Why is the whole world quiet?
-Igor Rozovskiy, Odessa “


I am sharing this video because it appears the mainstream media in the West is whitewashing what has just happened in Odessa – about 30 pro-Russians appear to have been burned alive in a torched building. What is unfolding in the Ukraine has become very ugly and is likely to get worse – and the fingers of American-sponsored thuggery are all over it.

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