The death of David Rockefeller changes little but, perhaps, it is a marker of emerging change

The recent death of David Rockefeller at 101 is worth taking a moment to acknowledge. Reportedly after some 7 heart transplants, it seems ironic he should die from heart failure; ironic because of the way he died but also because he could scarcely be described as a man who lived from his heart.

And whilst there have been the expected official glowing platitudes, albeit surprisingly muted in the MSM, we have seen some excellent analyses of what he truly represented by some of the outstanding investigative journalists of the alternative (i.e.  real) media.

I begin with William Engdahl:

In 1939, along with his four brothers–Nelson, John D. III, Laurance and Winthrop–David Rockefeller and their Rockefeller Foundation financed the top secret War & Peace Studies at the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the most influential private US foreign policy think-tank which also was controlled by the Rockefellers.

A collection of American academics gathered even before outbreak of World War II to plan a postwar world empire, what Time-Life insider Henry Luce later called The American Century.

They made a blueprint for taking over a global empire from the bankrupt British, but carefully decided to call it not an empire. Rather they called it “spreading democracy, freedom, the American way of free enterprise.”

Their project looked at the geopolitical map of the world and planned how the USA would replace the British Empire as de facto the dominant empire. The creation of the United Nations was a key part.

The Rockefeller brothers donated the land in Manhattan for the UN Headquarters (and in the process made billions in the increased prices of the adjoining real estate that they also owned). This is the Rockefeller “philanthropy” method. Every grant donated is calculated to increase family wealth and power.

After the War David Rockefeller dominated US foreign policy and the countless wars in Africa, Latin America, Asia. The Rockefeller faction created the Cold War against the Soviet Union, and NATO in order to keep a reviving Western Europe under American vassal status. How they did so I documented in detail in my book, The Gods of Money. Here I consider several examples of David Rockefeller’s crimes against humanity.

If philanthropy should be motivated by love of our fellow man, the grants of the Rockefeller Foundation are not. Take medical research. During the period until 1939 and the War, the Rockefeller Foundation financed biological research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. It was Nazi eugenics—how to breed a superior race and how to kill off or sterilize those they deemed “inferior.”

Rockefeller financed Nazi eugenics. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil also violated US law to secretly supply the Nazi Air Force with scarce fuel during the War.

After the War the Rockefeller brothers arranged for leading Nazi scientists involved in ghastly human experiments to be brought to the USA and Canada under sanitized identities to continue their eugenics research. Many worked in the CIA top secret MK-Ultra project.

In the 1950’s the Rockefeller brothers founded the Population Council to advance eugenics, disguised as population research into birth control. The Rockefeller brothers were responsible in the 1970’s for a US Government Top Secret project directed by Rockefeller National Security Adviser Kissinger, NSSM-200 titled, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests.”

It argued high population growth in developing nations with strategic raw materials like oil or minerals were a US “national security threat” as more population demands national economic growth, using those resources internally (sic!). NSSM-200 made developing world population reduction programs a precondition of US aid.

In the 1970s David Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Foundation also financed together with WHO development of a special tetanus vaccine that limited population by making a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, literally going after the human reproductive process itself.

The Rockefeller Foundation created the entire field of genetic manipulation through its ownership of Monsanto Corporation and financing of university biology research to create the “gene cannon” and other techniques to artificially alter gene expression of a given plant.

The aim of GMO, since Rockefeller sponsored the disastrous Philippine Golden Rice project, has been to use GMO to control the human and animal food chain. Today more than 90% of all soybeans grown in USA are GMO and more than 80% all corn and cotton. Yet it is not labelled.

End of quote.

I commend the rest of Engdahl’s article to you.

The second is the excellent documentary from James Corbett, a man from whom I have come to expect the pithy best. His hour-long tour of David’s life and work entitled The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller is worth checking out if you want a glimpse of how perhaps the most powerful of the second tier of the global elite went about his work; a title perhaps now belonging to George Soros. Corbett illustrates how Rockefeller yielded great global power from the shadows. It’s not pretty.

And if you want a broader Rockefeller perspective, Corbett’s documentary on the emergence of the Rockefeller dynasty from the bigamist literal snake oil salesman that was John D Rockefeller senior’s father down, entitled How Big Oil Conquered the World, is riveting watching.

However, the silver lining in this cloud is the last few minutes of Corbett’s video on David, where he illustrates the growing awakening to and rejection of what these people stand for. May those quiet threads become a deafening roar of rejection and the reclaiming of personal power from the governmental mechanisms carefully cultivated to suppress it.


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Bunnings, Foxtel and Caltex join YouTube ad boycott

Bunnings, Foxtel and Caltex have joined the cascading global advertiser boycott of YouTube, as Australian companies lose faith in the Google-owned video platform’s ability to isolate their brands from bigoted and extremist content.

Vodafone, Nestle, Holden and Kia have also temporarily suspended all advertising from YouTube because it was appearing alongside offensive videos. It follows boycotts by a string of global companies, highlighting the poor levels of control Google has over its content and the risk posed to brands choosing to advertise on it.

End of quote.

I find this phenomenon rather interesting because it is arising as a result of the increasing censorship being imposed by Google and others, justified by the “Fake News” meme, though this process has been in play for about a year.

And it’s all to do with linguistics and primarily the linguistics of emotion. As Google and others seek to narrow the linguistic palate, they lose the colour that drives ad selection.

The bizarre, fascinating and linguistically masterful Clif High recently explained what’s happening, leading to these companies shooting themselves in the foot.

I find it highly amusing to watch them get entangled in the net of their own making, potentially threatening their very existence.


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The Amazon Book Burning

Brother Nathanael nails the agenda behind the recent Amazon book bannings and brings forth his own experience regarding the holohoax, growing up as a Jew. No 6M back then, just as it was absent from the tomes written by Churchill, Eisenhower and de Gaulle after WWII.

Worth 3 ½ minutes of your time.


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What is the Creature from Jekyll Island?

If you have an interest in the true history of the United States, you will know the name of Jekyll Island and its role in the creation of the private central bank known as the US Federal Reserve, its ultimate owners being the Rothschilds and their agents and partners.

This brief video points up that relationship.

You cannot understand the events of the 20th century and beyond without understanding this exercise in subterfuge and deceit.


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Two wonderful scientists who dare challenge the Scientific Worldview – with science – Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake

I have often commented on the way Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake rigorously apply the scientific method to subjects which, by definition, are outside of the strictly temporal view that those of us who have been scientifically trained, like me, have implicitly fed to us, despite the fact that many of the great 20th century scientists did not hold that view, including Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Einstein, Pauli and many others.

And when I receive a video link from these two within a day, I know it’s time to revisit this subject.

Dean Radin’s video is entitled Consciousness and the Observer Effect, in which he revisits that long known but little acknowledged phenomenon that the result of an experiment is impacted by whether it is being observed or not. Perhaps the oldest and best known example is the double slit experiment with light, which shows the light beyond the slits displaying a wavelike pattern when it is not being observed but a particle-like pattern when it is. Pretty shocking to the temporalists and best ignored. Radin brings his usual uncompromising scientific rigour to this and associated phenomena and speculates what it all means.

Meanwhile Sheldrake focuses on what he calls The Extended Mind, which leads into the many, often simple though carefully designed experiments he has devised that unequivocally demonstrate phenomena such as telepathy.

The work of these two men parallel each other, demonstrating connected phenomena though taking very different paths to show it.

I commend both of these videos for their science and humour.

And for all you temporalists receiving this; relax. You’ll never see their work mentioned in the MSM, so your world view is safe for another day or two at least. Hang the truth of things. Beliefs are to be defended at all cost, even with life itself…


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That pesky 3/22 and the Westminster bombing

I know, I know…

I said I’d stay away from the false flags. But sometimes they are just too hard to ignore:

And if you want a more detailed discussion of this recurring date, Richie Allen’s recent interview of Kevin Barrett will fill you in.

All coincidence, of course.


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Secret Underground Tunnel Network Linking PizzaGate Properties Discovered

A huge underground network of tunnels has been discovered under Washington D.C. that seem to connect several properties that are linked to PizzaGate. These properties are or were owned by Podesta, The Clintons and Alafantis.
Make note of the video from the history channel inside the link below. They go underground and show how the tunnels are laced with lasers and sensors!

End of quote.

Another telling piece of this pizza “feast”.


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Happy March Equinox in the Age of Aquarius

As many of you know, the March Equinox is the key marker which is used to track the Precession of the Equinoxes, and most of us are familiar with the insightful 1969 hit song Age of Aquarius.

Now, when I looked East this morning, using my Star Walk app on my phone, an hour before dawn, I saw this:

Pretty clearly Aquarius.

Now many people argue we are still in transition from Pisces, the last age, to Aquarius.

So, where is Pisces at that moment?

It’s still below the horizon at that time, but you can see that it will pop its head up before the sun rises. So, at sunrise we see this:

So, Pisces is still emerging before the sun.

But if you place yourself in the world of the ancients, this would be completely hidden by the emerging sunlight, so it would not count for them, and I’m guessing this is why they chose an hour before dawn as their marker. Anything after that gets lost in the emerging glow of the sun.

So, whilst our modern techie tools might suggest we are still in transition between the ages, if you use the criterion of an hour before dawn, we are firmly in the Age of Aquarius and have been for some time.

May you have a wonderful Equinox and a joyful first day of Spring if you are in the northern hemisphere, in this hopeful Age of Aquarius.


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PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

SGTReport continues its campaign to expose the global, satanic control system that includes pedophilia and child sacrifice at its heart.

And they are beginning to grasp the global nature of this, though they are still early in spotting the evidence, restricted mostly to the obvious hotbeds of the United States and Britain:

From the Franklin and Hampstead cover ups to Jimmy Savile and Sir Edward Heath, their crimes against children are legion and now they are bing exposed for all the world to see. #Pedogate is SYSTEMIC GLOBAL Pedophilia, and it’s an abomination that must be stopped.

End of quote.

They are sharing some of the key testimonies that are being discredited and demonised by the MSM in this video.


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Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid

James Corbett reveals the horrific nature of the ultimately Rothschild- owned Goldman Sachs:

We all know Goldman Sachs is the very embodiment of evil…or do we? What is Goldman Sachs? What does it do? Where did it come from and where is it going, and is there anything that can be done to stop it? Buckle in for this edition of The Corbett Report where James dares to take on the vampire squid itself.

End of quote.

Classic Corbett research.

You may also want to investigate the work of Texe Marrs to trace the connection of Goldman Sachs to the Rothschilds:

I reveal that Goldman Sachs is the chief instrument that Rothschild is using today to establish totalitarian control over global finances. The Money Power is now in the process of destructuring and molding America to resemble the pitiful Socialist creature that Rothschild prefers. Rothschild has both Barack Obama and John McCain among his stable of faithful servants, and it is Obama he chose to sit in the Oval Office and preside over America’s dissolution and restructuring.

End of quote.

Just in case you hadn’t figured out why Goldman Sachs has such a total grip on things American and beyond. They do their masters’ work.


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