Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether

I, for one, have wondered what happened to the work that was being done by Nikola Tesla, before JP Morgan shut him down. We know that the contents of his lab were confiscated by the US Government after his death; however it seemed to me that there had to have been one or more people who were working with Tesla who kept his dream alive and moved his technology forward.

It turns out there was, and at least one expression of it has flowed through to Ralph Ring. In this fascinating video, you will not only hear evidence of “free” energy technology, but also a man talking of his direct experience of how consciousness works, along with the very tangible evidence of how our world is carefully controlled from behind the scenes by the powerful banking interests who work very hard and completely ruthlessly to keep the current diminished paradigm in place. A truly wonderful and uplifting story.

The work that Ralph has been involved with parallels much of the work of MT Keshe that I have shared with you previously.

You can find Ralph and Marsha’s website at http://bluestarenterprise.com/ .

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