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Thank you, Graham, for opening the door for me to Randall Carlson.

It is hard to summarise the extraordinary ground that Randall covers.

Firstly, he demonstrates that there was an abrupt climatic change some 12,980 years ago, a date he claims can now be measured to +/-5 years. This change was triggered by a comet fragment or fragments striking the Earth. This triggered a massive melting of the massive ice sheet then covering Canada and much of the United States. In this video, Randall shows the aftermath of this to Graham Hancock. This one shows him discussing it with another group, in which he shares a little more detail.

In this understanding, Carlson reactivates the role of Catastrophism in the unfolding history of the Earth, the notion that catastrophic events have played a defining role in Earth’s and humanity’s history. More recent models have been based on the notion of gradual change. Immanuel Velikovsky was the great proponent of this model in the 50’s before it was largely discredited, though his work formed the motivation for the development of the Electric Universe theory, which appears to explain cosmic phenomena far more accurately than current mainstream theories. Those at The Thunderbolts Project are its main proponents.

Just as importantly, however, Randall simply destroys the story we are told about manmade global warming. You can watch him do this in this wonderful interview with Joe Rogan, or you can go to the specific segment where he discusses this. The essence of what he says, based upon Greenland ice core data, is that:

  • Over the last 10,000 years (the Holocene), average annual temperature variation has been oscillating 2 to 4C every 10-30 years
  • The man-made global warming proponents are telling us that a 1C change in the last 100-150 years is due to human influence. The above data makes nonsense of such a notion. It would not even show up in the record.
  • Earth has been much warmer in the past than it is now
  • He also calls out the IPCC for only considering human factors, to the exclusion of all else.
  • Prior to the last 10,000 years, there were two massive spikes of warming, of the order of 10-12C

I can’t emphasize the importance of Randall’s data on this strongly enough. It blows the nonsense about anthropogenic global warming right out of the water.

He does see the manmade global warming story as being what he calls politically motivated, but I have not seen that he has made the connection to it being set up as a stalking horse for Agenda 21, a carefully hidden plan to completely transform life on Earth, and one being implemented quietly at local council level whilst the world argues over global warming, the history and debunking of which I discuss here.

Carlson also has a great interest in sacred geometry and the role of the Great Year (the approx. 26,000 year precessional cycle) in the unfolding of catastrophic events on Earth. This cycle sees us in alignment with Galactic Center every 13,000 years, as we are now, and as we were when the abrupt climatic change occurred 12,980 years ago. These cycles and patterns are completely ignored in the mainstream today, and yet were carried in the oral myth and legend of our forebears. Clearly, they thought this was important.

No doubt Graham Hancock’s soon to be released “Magicians of the Gods” will feature Randall’s amazing work in explaining the mechanism for a catastrophic end to the advanced civilisation that populated the Earth up until about 13,000 years ago, a mechanism that was missing from his wonderful first visit to this subject some 20 years ago in his profound work “Fingerprints of the Gods”, along with some of the more recent and now overwhelming evidence of advanced civilisation on our planet that ended around the end of the last ice age. I expect Graham’s book to put this entire conversation well beyond any doubt, and in doing so, destroying the carefully constructed myth of human history. Bring it on, Graham.

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