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A very timely article on the mechanisms at work in the Middle East:

Blanketed by its wealth and protected by political alliances, Saudi Arabia has covertly run and promoted a new movement in the Middle East: religious eugenics, under the false pretense of opposing the rise of Iran. From Syria to Bahrain and Yemen the evidence is overwhelming…

…A country in ruins, Yemen is also a nation in permanent mourning, as every day its people are relentlessly slain – casualties of a violent and murderous colonial war – the latest victims of Riyadh’s expansionist military campaign in the Middle East.

According to official UNICEF tallies, “close to 2,800 people have been killed and almost 13,000 people injured (including 279 children killed and 402 injured, respectively). An estimated 1 million people have been internally displaced (an increase of 122 percent since the crisis began), and some 400,000 people have sought protection in neighboring countries.”

While such figures are horrifying, they fall short of the truth. Agencies on the ground have already said that well over 500 children have been killed in Saudi-led air raids, most specifically in northern Yemen, where the war has been most devastating and aggressive. On average, children account for a quarter of all deaths and casualties…

…Saudi Arabia is an absolute theocracy, and as such its very raison d’ être is rooted within its violent and reactionary interpretation of Islam: Wahhabism, the ideology which inspired the likes of Al Qaeda and Islamic State. One of the main tenets of Wahhabism actually calls for the destruction of all religious sects, Islamic or otherwise. For Wahhabis there can be no greater glory than to massacre “apostates.”

And while Riyadh’s neo-eugenics movement has taken on different forms, operating under various denominations depending on the countries it has targeted, the underlying current has been the destruction of religious pluralism.

Let me ask you this: Is there a real difference between Manama’s campaign to strip Shia Bahrainis from their nationality because the House of Al Khalifa seeks to eliminate all political and religious competition, and Islamic State’s murderous rampage against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria? And though Bahrain’s campaign might appear more “elegant” in that it is more covert and pernicious, the intent remains the same.

From the language used to the policies it has carried out in the Middle East, Riyadh has pushed the sectarian card, christening the resistance movement against its eugenics movement, the so-called Shia crescent threat.

End of quote.

And the following from this article:

THIS is what is happening across the Middle East- from the minority groups in Iraq and Syria, to Yemen, to Bahrain …. and across Africa in places like Nigeria and the Sudan.  Mass religious genocide- Muslim against Muslim.  Funded by Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, and Israel.
All the spin by western Media to direct attention to the “Persecution of Christians” in these areas are a blatant attempt to convince the western ignorant public that it is Islam attacking Christianity.  The number of “Christian” groups that have been killed by ISIS/ISIL/IS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra  etc… is barely a drop in the bucket in comparison to the amount of Muslim people who have been killed in pretend wars used as an excuse to cover the mass genocide of ANY Muslim group that is NOT Sunni.
… One of the saddest parts of this, is that the vast majority of Sunni Muslims have no idea what is being perpetrated in the name of their religion.  They have no idea that this war has been created by the American Government Black Ops groups, to deliberately wipe out entire ethnic and religious peoples to take control of the Middle East.  To give control over to their Saudi partners.
Of course we know that it goes much deeper than that……  but just this one piece is enough to shake the world if they would just open their eyes to SEE what’s going on.

End of quote.

In my view, to understand this, you need to put these two pieces together. Wahhabism is a creation of the globalists, implemented primarily by one of their primary resources, the CIA. Wahhabism is like a cancer that has been planted within Islam to destroy it from within and to destroy Muslims and to drive hatred of Muslims by Westerners in particular. It is the long planned mechanism to trigger WWIII.

And it has two other benefits for them.

The Zionists have a clear plan to destroy the European white race through interbreeding. Watch this brief clip from Barbara Lerner Spectre. It goes under the politically correct name of multiculturalism. THEY are the ones driving the creation of the refugee problem engulfing the world and which has become an unprecedented flood in recent months.

There is another benefit to this and other continual wars. It generates lots of orphans and unwanted children, either when their mothers are killed or when their mothers are raped by soldiers (often so-called peacekeepers) and the offspring are unwanted. These children provide and endless supply of children for satanic abuse and sacrifice practices that are conducted endlessly in the upper echelons of our world. Because your belief system is challenged by this horrific notion, it makes it no less true. Organisations such as the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation set up orphanages to prepare these children for just such a future.

May we live in a time when all of this will be brought to an end.

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