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Most of us want to believe in the good intentions of every human being towards their fellow man. Indeed, most of us find, in our interactions with others, that this is largely borne out and in my experience this is so everywhere in the world. This desire to believe in the goodness of others has us erect what psychologists call a scotoma or blind spot to the fact that there are deeply negative forces – satanic, ritualistic forces – at work in the background of our world. Scotomas are an essential phenomenon for us to operate in the world. Without them, the bombardment would overload our sensory perceptions. However, most of us don’t recognise they exist, nor do we recognise that we erect them to protect ourselves psychologically as well as practically. We erect them to protect our beliefs without recognising, for the most part, that we have done so. A current example is the widely held belief in man-made global warming. Most people simply cannot hear or take in the clear-cut evidence to the contrary as illustrated in this brief video from today. A similar effect occurs with those who have been part of the allopathic medical system. For the most part, they cannot conceive of an agenda behind it that is quite the opposite of bringing the best of health to the average person., when the abundant evidence is simply overwhelming.

Perhaps the most clear-cut evidence of the existence of the activities of these deeply satanic forces, who practise mind control, paedophilia and child sacrifice on a regular basis – not to mention the genocide of native people across the planet over the last few hundred years – is the work of Kevin Annett and the ITCCS that I have mentioned many times. Many witnesses have now come forth to ITCCS, sharing their experiences of these trauma-based mind control, ritualistic, paedophilic  and child sacrificial practices, and convictions have followed if not the subsequent arrests.

So it was with interest that I watched this brief video from Kerth Barker, in which he claims to have participated as a child in one of apparently many satanic rituals conducted, I suspect, at Halloween just prior to the assassination of JFK on November 22nd, 1963 (Kerth mentions it as being about this time). If you have begun to understand how our world works, this video should come as no surprise to you, but if you still have your scotomas firmly in place, protecting your beliefs of how altruistically our world works, you probably will not even watch it. In fact, you are probably unable to. It will be far too threatening or you will decide the man is making it all up.

Here is a more comprehensive interview with Kerth in which he introduces Satanism, his exposure to it and the steps he has taken to deprogram himself and provide assistance to others similarly programmed.

Most people have no idea how deeply this is embedded into the power and control structure, political and otherwise, in our world. Although this video on the Franklin Scandal cover-up in the United States (commissioned by the Discovery Channel but never shown) does not mention these forces, when you understand them you can understand why this cover-up occurred and why it would never be exposed. As David Icke explains in his most recent book “The Perception Deception”, you see penalties and prison sentences imposed out of all proportion upon those who represent “the first domino”, a revelation that would lead to other more damaging revelations and perhaps the crumbling of the entire false edifice. You see an example of this in this video in the 22 year jail term handed out to the then young woman, Alisha Owen, falsely convicted of perjury whilst Larry King, the chief perpetrator was sentenced to 15 years for financial fraud, serving 10 years, but was never investigated over the child prostitution and paedophilia claims. Again, if you understand how things actually work, this is entirely to be expected. Those with true power in the world are never investigated and certainly never prosecuted. They are simply above the law.

As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!!!”

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