That summer when prime minister Harold Holt vanished at sea

We are approaching the anniversary of the disappearance of Australia’s then Prime Minister, Harold Holt – December 17, 1967 at a beach near his holiday home in Portsea, Victoria. It is discussed in this article in Melbourne’s Age newspaper today, and it prompted me to share a little musing of my own around this event.

It came at an interesting time. JFK was assassinated in 1963, his brother Robert in 1968. Was Holt assassinated in 1967 – a period when it is evident those in power would stop at nothing to pursue their agenda?

Was there a reason for this? On the surface, he was an ardent supporter of LBJ, the incumbent POTUS and a man deeply implicated in JFK’s death, but was this enough? It is reported that he was opposed to the setting up of Pine Gap, which has become a very important cog in the American defence, intelligence gathering and spying operations in Asia; however, articles such as this, this and this suggest there is much more going on at Pine Gap than is publicly acknowledged. It was opened in 1970, three years after Holt’s disappearance. Given its importance to the American intelligence and military operations, perhaps Holt’s opposition was enough to see him eliminated.

Is there any evidence for this? As it happens, there is. This website tells the story of Gary Simmons, who sounds a little unusual, a little unbelievable; however, there are some things on this site such as this statutory declaration that are hard to ignore. He claims to have participated in the abduction of Holt on that fateful day. And of course officialdom will discredit such an individual and their story.

So did this happen? For me, it’s an open question, but it sure – shall I say – smells a little fishy. A disappearance at sea is a little less clear-cut than the public executions suffered by the Kennedy brothers, and Australians tend to think they are immune to such things happening in their cocooned corner of the world. So I raise it for your consideration.

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