The CIA Just Declassified Hundreds of UFO Documents. Just as X-Files Is Rebooted

Many people have commented about X-Files talking about Disclosure, which refers to governments revealing that they’ve known about beings from other planets and star systems for at least decades, have made agreements with some of them and have received technology from them directly or through reverse engineering crashed or shot down craft.

This article shows at least someone else smells a rat:

Anyone else smell the b.s. here? Well, something stinks like propaganda…

Just as X-files launches its reboot, the agency has decided to suddenly declassify hundreds of documents on its UFO investigations.

End of quote.

Werner von Braun warned us on his death bed about a fake alien invasion as the final step in justifying one world government and the presentation I shared with you from Steven Greer from November last year talks about this in some detail. If you haven’t watched Greer’s video, you might want to, so you are not taken in if it happens. And it will be quite the production if they give it the green light. I suspect you will only realise it’s false if you are warned ahead of time.

If you agree with me, alert all those you care about and who will listen to you.

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