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Dr. Steven Greer was a successful emergency medicine doctor who found his real calling was to expose the hidden, criminal secret government and their covert black ops activities. Greer explains how anyone in authority who might expose their activities was/is simply never briefed on them. This includes Presidents, CIA Directors, etc.

In 2001, Greer organised a Washington Press Club briefing, which saw over 20 senior military and civilian whistleblowers come forth and go on record about their UFO and alien experiences. According to Greer, not one of them was ever contacted and told to be quiet or face prosecution because the suppression was illegal.

But this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Greer reveals in a recent video that these black ops involve spacecraft capable of interstellar flight, travelling at multiple times the speed of light (most believe this is impossible but it’s not – Einstein had it wrong), a way or ways to access the background energy field and free us from fossil fuel dependence, the production of beings that look like aliens to conduct abductions and other false flag events, and who are well down the path of creating an intergalactic false flag event to create global fear and justify a global police state, just as Werner von Braun warned us on his death bed. And much more.

Greer says anything that really matters in this work is underground, including a massive facility under Pine Gap in Australia (something I’ve known about for years), where there is a production line for these composite organic/electronic ET “beings”.

Greer has built an extraordinary network and shares documents that are marked Top Secret or above and have not been cleared, but is able to do so because they relate to unacknowledged projects and hence he is not liable to prosecution.

This is a long video, but it reveals a layer of the background world that few know about, and I encourage you to take the time to watch it and share it with as many people as possible.

Again, he says the only way things will change is if sufficient of the public become aware and hence are not threatened by this false flag fear mongering, complemented by more people coming forth who are part of this operation but do not realise that what they are part of is illegal, which is most people due to the compartmentalisation that is implicit in this work.

Take the time to watch this and, if you are drawn to, share it with everyone you know. Life on Earth may depend upon it.

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