The Greatest Debt Crisis The World Has Ever Seen Is Coming

This article by Michael Snyder illustrates how precarious the level of debt in the world is – and getting worse. Within this consciousness, it can only end badly. Very badly.

And all of this exists because we have been convinced that our value lies in what we own or how we look or the money in our bank accounts, whereas the true value lies WITHIN US. WE are the true value. Who and what we are.

Perhaps the fracturing of the current scenario, which has been carefully engineered over decades if not centuries, will be a trigger to wake people up to the truth, rather than to run in fear towards the more limiting, controlling, restrictive scenario that will be offered to save us from our debt-ridden lives with no apparent future, short of adopting that scenario, whatever it is that will be proffered. And it will be proffered.

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