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This brief video by Ben Davidson shares the frustrations recently expressed by Harvard Professor Robert Stavins regarding the intergovernmental approval process as part of the latest summary for policy makers.

Stavins’ blog post can be found here.

But what was of even more interest to me was the post by Ben he links to called IPCC History Lesson. It begins with:

The impetus to create this page was the assertion that Maurice Strong wrote the terms of reference for the IPCC Climate Assessments to cover only man-made causes of climate change. Terms of Reference are the de-facto “thou shalt only speak of these things” in this realm of study.

This meant that the IPCC, by definition, was not going to consider the impact of the sun.

I recently posted a piece on Agenda 21, which linked to a video called Agenda 21 EXPLAINED. In this video, John Anthony talks quite a bit about the role of one Maurice Strong in defining Agenda 21 (see here).

So, the very same Maurice Strong set the agenda for the IPCC to only look at man-made effects on global warming, i.e.  to disregard the sun, and to then co-author the Agenda 21 defining book as well as to steer the initial UN Agenda 21 meeting on the path of disenfranchising humanity with his opening presentation.

I am literally stunned that one man could have had such a powerful, carefully manipulative impact on the unfolding the current human experience. Sure, he is serving some broader interests that are aided and abetted on many levels, but Maurice Strong started both of these two correlated snowballs rolling down these particular hills.

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