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This brief video is not for the faint hearted. Bill Schnoebelen was a 32nd Degree Mason and, in my understanding, the serious abuse regime begins above this level. Nevertheless, Bill provides us with an introduction to Aleister Crowley, perhaps the 20th century’s greatest public advocate of satanic ritualistic practice. He also explains perhaps the key driver behind the ritualistic abuse of children. Be clear that these practices do not arise within Freemasonry as it originated, but have come into Freemasonry through the infiltration of the Illuminati, Zionism and other satanic practices directly or indirectly into Freemasonry. Most Masons have no clue about these practices at the top. This perceived access to power and longevity through these practices is no doubt part of what enrols those in power who are controlled through it. Although it is well hidden, it is time we recognised that all of those in power at the highest levels in our world – political, judicial, religious, business, administrative, academic, policing, media, music, film and military – are ALL controlled through these practices.

For example, I now have evidence of so-called hunting parties, where children are hunted and killed in a forest setting using dogs and guns, just as portrayed in the film Hunger Games, involving high level politicians, business leaders, etc., in 3 locations – United States, Europe and Australia. For example, the extraordinary video testimony of Toos Nijenhuis linked to here, and this testimony taken from Fiona Barnett’s testimony to the Australian Royal Commission into child abuse:

“In the late afternoon of October 28th 1975, I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest. The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep. When I woke it was dark and I was laying naked face-up, spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me.

“They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told a group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility; I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs. They painted something on my back and chest and then released us. The hunting party reached us… shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life”.

You will hear similar testimony from Toos Nijenhuis. In both cases we have the testimony of those who were chosen – for whatever reason – to survive. We do not hear from those who were sacrificed.

I also have testimony from Fiona Barnett which specifically names three Australian past Prime Ministers and one Governor General who subjected her to sexual abuse as a child, in a ritualistic setting. Fiona is an acknowledged whistleblower on these abusive practices and I will share more on this in the future.

Wake up, my friends, to how our world truly works. Paedo-sadism, temporal power, money and threats towards the individual and their loves ones are the control mechanisms in our world, and no-one achieves a level of power and authority in our world without these mechanisms being firmly in place. No-one.

The Zionists who drive this in practical terms hide their satanic origins and practices inside Judaism, and Jews, in their ignorance, defend them when they are as much a target of the Zionists as the naïve goyim. The Rothschilds are feted as saviours and pseudo-royalty in Israel, and it is true that Israel would not exist without the Rothschild money, power and influence. If only Israelis knew and understood the truth.

The evidence for all of this is abundant if you are willing to look, and I will continue to bring it forth.

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