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Jon Rappoport discusses the double standards in handling of Séralini’s rat tumour experiments far more eloquently than I could begin to. It was OK for Monsanto to use those same rats and the same sample size years before and have the results published – but not when Séralini replicated their work, ran it for longer and got a different outcome. But the gun has been fired and it is smoking.

As I discussed in this article, there was an outcry from scientists when the Seralini paper was withdrawn, and it was also pointed out that ex-Monsanto employee Richard Goodman was appointed to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology at FCT, the publisher. This is how they play the game. It’s how the FDA was willing to introduce the “doctrine of substantial equivalence” back in Bush Snr’s Presidency. Yep, GMO and ordinary grains are the same. Let’s just allow them to flow unfettered into the American food chain with no testing. And it continues to today.

What Jon does mention is the European Commission is spending 3 million Euros to actually do that Séralini study again, run it for two years, use 50 or more rats and look at the carcinogenicity. The lid will not be kept on these processes to reduce the population through unhealthy grain and all of the fast food and pre-packaged products that contain them. At the very least, the truth will out if not lives saved. And perhaps the games played with wheat that precede what is considered GMO that I discuss here will also come forth. You begin to get very selective about what you eat when you understand these things.

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