The War You Don’t See

John Pilger is an old school Aussie journalist who has worked globally. He has produced a range of documentaries in the last 40 years covering many social issues, many examining war and its effects. His 2010 documentary entitled The War You Don’t See looks at how the press is used to dress up war and to sell the public on why war should be the option, as was done in Iraq, as well as the minimisation of the human impact of war. I commend it to you.

Some interesting statistics from this documentary on the changing percentage of casualties that are civilian.

WWII – 50%

Vietnam War – 70%

Iraq War – 90%

John conducted what I consider to be perhaps the best interview of Julian Assange I have seen in preparation for this documentary, which you can watch here. It’s a couple of intelligent, articulate, like-minded Aussies having a chat about things, primarily related to Wikileaks.

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