THRIVE: How Do Oil Pipelines, the IMF & Western Banking Cabal All Meet in Ukraine?

Thank you, Foster.

In this video report, Foster and Kimberly Gamble point out the game behind the game, so to speak, in Ukraine but really in the rest of the world. For me, the key points are:

  • What resources are up for grabs?
  • Are they aligned with the cabal with a privatised central bank?
  • Are they threatening the global currency – currently the USD – and the petrodollar hegemony
  • Expect the change to roll in IMF loans
  • Watch the mainstream news to see where they want you to look whilst they get on with the main game elsewhere
  • Recognise the problem/reaction/solution scenario (Hegelian dialectic) that gets played over and over

Until and unless we understand this agenda by the planet’s controllers, we will not bring their reign to an end. Meanwhile even those inside the military machines, even that of the United States, have no idea whose agenda they are really serving.

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