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This article speaks for itself:

An enormous and entirely unnecessary furore has engulfed what was to be the Australian premiere screening of the documentary film VAXXED. After a massive campaign of harassment and intimidation, CLIFF was reluctantly forced to drop the film. The Theatre Royal and another group, Citizens For Freedom, then resolved to proceed with a new screening.

Though resolutely committed to the concept of free speech, the Theatre Royal has received extensive advice on the matter and is now concerned about public safety should the screening proceed. Unfortunately, as public safety is paramount, the documentary film must be withdrawn.

It should be noted that few, if any, of the film’s critics (and those calling for its banning) have actually seen the documentary film in question.

It may be bitterly ironic that one can walk into a cinema in the U.S.A. and see VAXXED, but one clearly cannot do the same in Australia.

Though this may appear to be a small win for the forces of censorship and prejudice, it is in fact a large and resounding victory for both VAXXED and free speech. Millions of Australians are now aware of the film for the first time and a multitude of people now know that the ideal of free speech is a fragile, precious and perhaps endangered thing in today’s Australia.

There will be no further comment at this time.

A Joint Press Statement from CLIFF, The Theatre Royal and Citizens For Freedom


NOTE: Dr Wakefield called this, Domestic Terrorism in Australia but what is being done & are the FEDS going to investigate these thug groups? I would say that most of it is coming from outside of Australia but from here as well with some of these trolls openly on the attack & not even hiding it. What if i started making serious threats to local cinema’s or shops & it was bad enough to shut things down to protect the public, how fast would the FEDS be on my doorstep?

This is the same sick crew that attacked Dr Tenpenny & stopped her visit here, the threats against her were so serious that the FBI got involved. Nothing was done here & again it’s happening, plus the media are totally ignoring these threats to a festival. How many anti-terrorism laws have been passed in this country since 9/11 & why are these groups allowed to keep holding our health freedoms & freedoms of speech at gunpoint? This hate group are now dictating what we can & can’t see at the movies, it’s ridiculous. This is obviously a huge criminal conspiracy, paid for & controlled by the Drug Empire & i would say it goes from bottom to the top as well as police, health ministers & media.

End of quote.

Few Australians have a clue how closely controlled their exposure to ideas and information that is contrary to the official brainwashing is. Two separate examples related to vaccination are contained in this article alone. And that old hoary argument “public safety” has been used by that hidden Jewish hand of control to suppress debate on many fronts and is most often used to prevent presentations by people who want to present the facts about the holohoax, and you see it here.

Sleep on, my Australian friends. Enjoy your good food, your chardonnay and pinot, your Italian derived coffee culture whilst your children and your children’s children are put at high risk of contracting autism, ADD, etc. through vaccination. Meanwhile, that bastion of protection of people globally, Bill Gates, openly admits that vaccination is a vehicle by which to reduce the human population (thanks, Lib). Although it’s far from the only technique being used.


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