Were 6 million Jews killed in WWII?

I had to chuckle at this:

6 million killedFor the record, I’m not arguing and have never argued there were not Jewish people killed during WWII and many traumatised by their wartime experiences. There were, along with every other race, and perhaps more Russians than all other sources combined. I doubt that anyone who experienced the ravages of WWII in Europe or Asia was not traumatised by the experience – or, indeed, any wartime ravages, many of which have occurred and ARE occurring as I write this, many more horrific than those of the WWII European theatre. I have spoken to several displaced non-Jewish Europeans who went to Australia as post-war refugees, who shared their experiences and trauma with me, including being placed behind the Jews in the queue for repatriation.

And the science is clear – Auschwitz did not have gas chambers other than those for fumigating clothes and bedding to kill the lice responsible for the 1942 typhus outbreak in the camps, which was killing off the slave labour for the German and American factories nearby. Also, important evidence at Nuremberg was falsified.

But we are so trapped inside the propaganda that this simple piece of arithmetic and political humour shocks us.

The history we are taught is simply political theatre. Unfortunately, most take it to be truth.

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