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I find this article very interesting and concerning. I quote:

All in all, since the second term of the Obama administration, close to 300 commanding generals, admirals, and wing commanders have been shuffled or removed from the scene.

These Commanding officers at the strategic commands couldn’t have posed any danger to any civil administration. Their role was either in the strategic nuclear command, or over the command of the naval fleets – They could have played no role in the event of any ‘Civil Unrest’ or Martial Law scenario.

So, why the ongoing purge of these commanders? It is part of what plan?

The only certainty is that the US nuclear war command is being subjected to a deliberate and wholesale restructuring of its personnel for some unspecified reasons. And, there seems to be only three probable scenarios that fit and do make some sense out of the these ongoing shuffles and purges:

An accommodation has been made with both the Russia and China – In the event of a limited nuclear strike on the US by the Russians and Chinese, the US Strategic Command will be ordered to Stand Down – The surrender and disarmament of the US. Therefore, the officers who could resist, are being removed and replaced by the preferred cadre.

An extreme False Flag operation on the US soil might have been planned – Strategic command could detect it and blow up the cover – so, the resisters have to be removed.

The ground is being prepared for the Armageddon scenario – A preemptive Full Spectrum nuclear strike on both the Russia and China is being planned – The commanders who could stop this madness, and may have contacts with their counterparts in Russia and China, are being removed from the command.

Indeed, all of these three are difficult to believe scenarios – But, we are living in a difficult to believe time.

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