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“Australia’s Stonehenge,” and so much more!

This article is a fascinating window into Australian ancient cultural history, and perhaps of the world. I quote:

What follows is the “Conclusion/Hypothesis” taken from our archaeological paper written on the Standing Stones found within 40 kilometres of Mullumbimby, Australia.

During the brief period this site was first investigated before it was reluctantly destroyed, Frederic Slater (President of the Australian Archaeological and Educational Research Society) was so taken by the implications and enormity of what was constructed, not only did he claim this mound was “the oldest form of temple in the world” and contained within “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing,” he was also convinced it formed the foundation of “all knowledge past, present and future.”

Hoax and High Treason… Adam Lanza Never Existed!… Sandy Hook School Was Not an Operating School at Time of Shooting!

Thank you, Steve. 

Again, I cannot overemphasize the importance of all of us recognizing that the Sandy Hook so-called massacre was a staged event, serving several purposes. Let us not make the mistake of taking it as an actual event. One of the authors of this blog post – Jim Fetzer – has also been responsible for truly outstanding analysis of the JFK assassination, so he brings credentials to this analysis that are beyond question. 

In my view, this event was staged for several reasons:

  • Pursue the gun control agenda in the United States
  • Illustrate how the planned global religion will deal with such things, in part because they will be commonplace
  • Run a grand experiment to see how the community at large will respond to an event such as this

Sandy Hook has the fingerprints of the NWO all over it.




Interesting   read on Sandy Hoax, another blogger’s take.

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Bonus Army: US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans

Thank you, Steve. 

This is a fascinating piece of American history, and demonstrates that history of trashing American veterans is an old one, as well as revealing the hand of those who really run the game – the bankers.




Some   interesting history.
look carefully at the footage.

View article…


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