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Forbes rich list: Bill Gates declared world’s richest person for a 16th time

I am always amused when this list comes out, the supposed richest in the world.

It’s like so many other things we are fed – a bald faced lie. Those of real wealth are nowhere to be seen.

Do you remember seeing a global banker on the list? A Rothschild, a Warburg, a Schiff, etc.? Of course not.


I rest my case.

Ohh.. and have you noticed how those people with money have it sitting in Foundations, e.g.  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? That’s how they get to pay no taxes whilst they fund vaccination programmes and Agenda 21… Most people are not aware that Bill Gates’ father was at one time the President of Planned Parenthood, that sweet face on the front of Eugenics. So, this stuff is not new to Bill. It runs in the family.

Study of ancient emperor penguin populations creates concern for future of species

This is a good example of how the global warming fear-mongering is driven. Let me summarise:

We looked at the past. At the time of the last ice age, there were only some three Emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica. There are now about 50.

BUT… we know these birds are sensitive to global warming, so we must be concerned about their future.

No evidence that things are looking bad for them. Quite the contrary, actually. No mention of the fact that the ice in the Antarctic is actually INCREASING at the moment, which actually COULD threaten them if it continues and we enter the cool period the real climate experts are predicting.


No, no. Let’s trot out the same old fear-mongering and add a good headline to match it.

And most people will just sigh and think, “Here is another example of that nasty global warming we’re all causing. Naughty us.”

And they’ve just had another strand added to their false belief “rope” about anthropogenic global warming.

If it’s on message, it gets publicity. If it’s not, it gets buried. And if the scientists play the game and tell the right story, even if their research doesn’t show it, they get more funding to do their work, feed and clothe their families, etc. Get off song and the funding dries up or you get fired. Just ask Nicholas Kollerstrom.

Welcome to the world of independent, fearless scientific research. With few exceptions, it no longer exists.

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