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Rebekah Roth updates the broader 9/11 picture

In my opinion, Rebekah Roth has brought a critical fresh look at the events of 9/11.

I have written previously about her 3 books, which bring a new look at the events surrounding 9/11, a view arising from her time as an international purser combined with an analytical mind and a fierce commitment to put in the hours of research required. There are no shortcuts in this work.

And it seems many others from both the airline industry and those of the military who were awakened by her books have added a great deal of fire power to her work.

And I’m pleased she has chosen to provide some useful new information in the public arena, rather than simply behind her paywalled “Behind the Galley Curtain”.

And I recommend it to you, because there is useful new information. For example, I was aware of the collapse of Building 7 that fateful day, but I did not realise that several other buildings on the site went the same way the same day. And she reinforces the role played by the Westover Air Reserve Base, not far from Boston, where all the planes were taken that day, and their passengers disposed of.

However, one of the things that this video brings back into focus is how effectively those who run the game have scattered the 9/11 Truther troops to the four winds, in essence blunting their ability to focus upon the target, which is those who perpetrated this abuse, and have left them bickering amongst themselves about who is the real and who’s not, and whose explanation of what happened that day is correct and who’s is not. In so doing, any effort to truly expose the US government’s role, along with that of Israel in particular and hence the role of the global elite who run our world and who own both of these countries, lock stock and barrel, in the events of that day gets no focus, and it’s easy to simply discredit this opposition as a bunch of bickering rabble. It is working very well.

Further, whilst Rebekah does a great job of adding to the knowledge we have about 9/11, she brings an uninformed brush to things like Sandy Hook, where she dismisses the abundant and powerful evidence (for example, that of Sofia Smallstorm) in her vitriolic and very public slanging match with Jim Fetzer, which makes it abundantly clear that Sandy Hook was a carefully crafted illusion.

And so, it saddens me to watch this bickering amongst fellow travellers, whilst the real enemy is elsewhere.

Again, in my opinion, the work that Rebekah is doing, along with a team that she has garnered along the way, is opening critical new doors in our understanding of what occurred at 9/11, and it may be the key work that finally exposes this horrific event for what it is.

I encourage you to take the time to watch this video.


Rebekah Roth reveals her true name is Koreann Ashlie

I have mentioned the books on 9/11 by Rebekah Roth previously, books in which she reveals information about 9/11 that was previously unknown.

For her own protection and the protection of her friends, she chose to use the nom de plume of Rebekah Roth but, as she says, the Internet trolls have made the lives of many people hell, including some people that have nothing to do with her. So, she is revealing in this brief video that she is Koreann Ashlie and worked as a purser with Northwest Airlines.

She also says that she is coming out with a third book that will reveal even more undiscovered information about 9/11. I, for one, look forward to it.

As I’ve said before, it saddens me that those who are apparently committed to bringing forth the truth about 9/11 finish up attacking other truthers. Of course, amongst all this are those planted to intentionally mislead the efforts to bring forth the truth. In saying this, I’m not saying Rebekah/Koreann is innocent of contributing to this.

Hopefully Koreann survives long enough to complete her additional book.

Rebekah Roth has followed the trail of crumbs from 9/11 to global Zionism

Rebekah Roth emerged out of nowhere, a retired international airline purser, who revealed new insights about what happened aboard and to the planes involved in the 9/11 attacks. And as she walked this path, she began to find aspects of Israeli involvement that no-one else had seen, such as a group of Israeli “arts students” living in the WTC and photographed in front of boxes and boxes of detonators.

And as she has walked and researched, she has begun to see the global control system. She demonstrates this by sharing the story of the attack on Max Igan – an irrepressible fellow Aussie – to seek to frighten him into not speaking out about Zionism and its role in the world.

One thing I’ll say about Max. He’s one they’ll have to kill to shut up, as the video clip at the bottom of that post demonstrates.

Unfortunately, it’s probably just a matter of time. He’s well informed and fearless. The same might be true about Rebekah.

Another Rebekah Roth interview on 9/11

Well, I thought the Jeff Rense interview with Rebekah Roth I shared with you was mind blowing, but this interview shares even more.

Rebekah is coming to 9/11 from the perspective of an extensively experienced international flight purser, so she knows how the airline game works and she sees and hear things that those of us without that experience miss. And she has a very inquiring mind and a commitment to digging out the truth. In my opinion, her contribution is largely complementary to the work conducted by many other great 9/11 researchers.

Rebekah is digging up new pieces to the 9/11 puzzle. Take a listen.

Rebekah Roth’s new research blows the doors off 9/11- update

Recently I shared with you some details from Rebekah Roth’s first book called The Methodical Illusion. Since completing that book, Rebekah has continued to research and has also had many people come forth and share confirmations and information with her, many from the airline industry, that has produced an extraordinary body of new information about what occurred at 9/11. Much of this is in her new book called The Methodical Deception; however, yesterday she held an interview with Jeff Rense for September 11, and shared an extraordinary body of information about 9/11, not only from her airline background but much of it from her extraordinarily methodical research and from other sources that have come forth to share their knowledge with her. For example, she now has a signed and witnessed affidavit from a woman who lived nearby the Westover Air Force Base where she had concluded in her first book that the planes were taken, who witnessed a passenger aircraft flying extraordinarily low over her house at around 8:30 AM of the morning of 9/11, which is consistent with the plane heading for Westover, and this woman is willing to testify in court.

Rebekah ‘s research leaves us in no doubt that Israel’s Mossad was at the heart of this event, aided and abetted by an array of Jewish Americans and others willing to serve the Rothschild Zionist cause. Her information is truly breathtaking and she says it is but a small fraction of the information that she has drawn together. Rebeka’s information levers open many doors that have been closed in regard to the 9/11 story and I encourage you to listen to this interview and read her two “fiction” books on 9/11.

If you are one of those who has believed the disinformation that Rebekah is not a real person, then I encourage you to listen to this interview and reconsider your position.

Some find it difficult to reconcile the involvement of Israel and the Mossad with the very evident involvement of officials of the US government of the day. However, if you have read history, you will know that, despite the surface illusions, the Zionists have controlled the United States since, perhaps, the end of the 19th century and perhaps significantly well before this time. If you have studied the history of the formation of the privately owned Federal Reserve, or you have read Bernard Baruch’s Senate testimony as quoted by Henry Ford in his writings of 1920 – 22, where Baruch acknowledges that he had complete control of US supply for military, domestic and allied purposes during World War I, you will recognise that this cooperative relationship between Israel and the US government in 9/11 is no surprise whatsoever, and you will recognise that the wars that have been conducted since, including the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and so on are in fact serving that Zionist agenda, not the publicly proclaimed hegemonistic agenda of the United States. Only when you understand these connections can you begin to join these dots in a meaningful and accurate manner.

As the saying goes, those who do not study history are destined to repeat it and, in my experience, few truly take the time to go back and read the historical accounts, rather than the version of history which is handed to us through the formal education processes, which is little more than Zionist propaganda.

And I continue to wonder how much of this needs to be shared with my Jewish friends before they begin to recognise what they are actually inside of.

Rebekah Roth shares an extraordinary interview from 2 days after 9/11

I previously shared with you some details from Rebekah Roth’s book “Methodical Illusion”. In this radio show by Rebekah, she shares details of an amazing interview conducted just two days after 9/11, on September 13. You can read the transcription here and here. I quote:

TOP_VIEW: Is there anything else in particular you’d care to say, any advice or whatever?
INTEL SOURCE: I’d say that our way of life is facing the biggest threat in our history, and the enemy is very much within. VERY MUCH WITHIN.
TOP_VIEW: So it boils down to: what happened on Tuesday was an inside job?

INTEL SOURCE: Absolutely. All the way down the line and to a much higher level than most of you could ever imagine. There’s a very intense struggle going on within our government like I said.
TOP_VIEW: It’s a struggle we’re all involved in, sir.
INTEL SOURCE: That’s quite true.
TOP_VIEW: It seems very clear to me that the Bush administration was way involved in the attacks. Would that be correct? They obviously want to bring about the exact kind of fundamental social restructuring that you mentioned.

INTEL SOURCE: It’s a good bet. Right now, it’s best we cut this short.

End of quote.

I cannot guarantee this as being authentic, but the webpage dates are consistent. If so, the truth of 9/11 was revealed very early on.

Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion” – a wonderful, fresh 9/11 expose

I recently referred to an interview by Richie Allen on Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion“. I have now finished reading this excellent and entertaining book.

Rebekah is a 30 year cabin crew veteran with a laser-sharp mind, and she has brought new insights to the 9/11 conversation, from the perspective of her cabin crew experience. Here are some quotes:

Every one of those calls was made on the ground and many of the callers were forced to use cue cards or notes with specific details they had to say.  It’s the only way I can explain the total lack of fear in their voices.  They knew the planes weren’t going to crash, since they’d already landed.  And it’s also the only way I can justify the total disregard for FAA hijacking protocols on the part of all the flight attendants.

So, why were none of the hijacking protocols followed by any of the flight attendants and why didn’t any pilot in one of the four cockpit crews hit the hijack code to notify air traffic control?

“Max, we were just about to do some research on the flight termination system on those Boeings used on 9/11.  Putting all of our experience and understanding together this morning over breakfast, we figured there was a good chance that a system like that might have taken over control of the planes remotely and the crews possibly didn’t even know they were being hijacked,” Jim explained. “That’s one explanation as to why none of the crew members responded as they were trained.  Had the planes been commandeered remotely, the flight deck would have assumed that when their plane didn’t respond to their commands, it was a mechanical problem, not a hijacking.”

Roth also discussed the PROMIS software and its widespread deployment:

This one single program could also operate and modify the source codes of other programs.  I know that sounds complicated, but in short, it could perform magic tricks, in a sense.  By using this backdoor, an operator could manipulate a computer screen remotely; he could make things that were not real show up as visible and cause other things that were real, to completely disappear.  It could take an FAA computer screen, for example, and display fake planes in the air traffic patterns and make a real plane’s radar blips disappear.  That same software also had the ability to make NORAD’s screens unable to view what the FAA or Air Traffic Controllers were seeing on their screens.  Now, can you see how someone with this software might be able to mess with our national security a wee bit?  It’s the perfect spy software.

And she discussed what she calls the “Octopus”, the hidden, satanic global control system:

Everything and everyone is being monitored, they just aren’t doing anything about it yet, but gathering and storing loads of information on every one of us.  If you are going to find a needle in a haystack you need the haystack.”

We grew up horrified by the stories of the Nazi’s in Germany, the old Soviet Union, and Communist China.  This is all basically the same threat, world domination and total control of the individual.  This beast has turned people against each other for centuries.  They have created wars, they have fed both sides intelligence, and they have made money implementing their plans.  When all the money to be made from war is exhausted, they end the conflict and hire each other to rebuild the countries they had just destroyed.  You know the Latin saying: Novus Ordo Seclorum, that’s found on the back of the dollar bill?  It means ‘A New Order of the Ages,’ don’t be tricked into thinking this has some sweet peaceful meaning, it’s all about total control and world domination.”

And Roth figured out where all those planes went:

Where would someone land a wide-body jet full of fuel?  Where is there a ten-thousand-foot runway twenty minutes or less from Logan?  And it would have to have the privacy to make those airplanes become invisible once they landed.  Large hangars perhaps,” Jim said and then muttered under his breath, “where, where, where?  We’re looking for a long runway about 80 miles west of Boston.”  Jim paused for a moment, “It’s going to have to be a long enough runway to land a 767 heavy and someplace remote enough that it wouldn’t be spotted.  We’re probably looking for a military airport that was no longer active or one that was used only on the weekends.”  Jim’s eyes were scanning the Google Earth map on his computer as he spoke. “Hey! I think we might have something here.”  He zoomed in to get a closer view.  “Vera, come and take a look at this.”

Vera was moving in Jim’s direction before he could finish his sentence.  “What?”

“Right here, check this out,” Jim told her as she pulled a chair up next to the desk.

“Let’s turn the labels on and see what this is.  It’s about the right distance from Boston. They could’ve brought a plane down within twenty minutes easily to this distance.”

Vera leaned in as Jim highlighted the labels. “Westover Air Force Base,” they both chimed in at the same moment…

… With no traffic on the ground, they could have been taxied into one of these five super-large hangers right here.”  Jim pointed to the satellite photo on his computer screen.  “See, these planes parked here?  They dwarf a 767.   These hangars could easily accommodate more than one commercial jet.”…

End of quotes.

And there’s much more. Roth has packaged core 9/11 information in a riveting fictional thriller. If you’re an old 9/11 hand or you are just beginning to wonder about 9/11, Roth’s book should be on your reading list.

Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion” exposes more 9/11 secrets and perhaps another such event in the United States

In her recent book “Methodical Illusion”, Rebekah Roth reveals more hidden threads around the 9/11 false flag events. Rebekah worked as an airline cabin staffer for many years and was encouraged by many to write a book about her experiences. But a strange thing happened. She discovered as she was searching for names for her book that many of the 9/11 so-called hijackers were still alive, several of whom, bizarrely, were Saudi airline pilots. So, she began to look, and she discovered many previously hidden pieces of evidence, looking from her airline trained and informed perspective, that others appear to have missed.

You can find a recent interview by Richie Allen here, and a written review by Kevin Barrett. I find her perspective very interesting and informative.

However, what particularly caught my eye is her reference to a possible future false flag event, which she spells out in this interview which she calls “Could This Be the Next False Flag Attack?.

Rebekah recounts how she was playing with a new iPad a couple of years ago and came across an article in an Israeli news source, which said the following: Israeli intelligence has intercepted details of an Al Qaeda plan to strike 5 or 6 major cities throughout the United States. These will begin on May 2nd and last for 9 days until May 11th. It will mark the anniversary of the United States false flag Osama bin Laden SEAL team death.

Rebekah referred to the Pakistani President announcing bin Laden’s death from kidney failure in 2002 and confirmed that her research shows that Al Qaeda was created by US/Israeli interests. She also noted the reference to 9/11 in the dates. Then the article completely disappeared from the internet, making her suspicious. In her interview, Rebekah makes it clear she is aware of the cabalists’  practice of pre-announcing their plans and speculates whether 2015 could be the year for this to unfold. In her opinion, such an unfolding would lead to the imposition of martial law in the United States.

Is this what the massive current troop and equipment movements that are being reported all across the United States are all about? There has been much speculation that this is connected to a project known as Jade Helm 15, a notion vehemently dismissed by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

I do not know what the truth of this is, but there appear to be massive and unusual troop movements and placements happening across the US at this time, and they are doubtless connected to a project of some sort.

Time will tell.

Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro (part 2) – A glimpse into the global surveillance system of the 80s and beyond

James Corbett is at it again. Corbett stands as a beacon in the world of independent investigative journalism, and he’s been doing it for over a decade.

And just when you think he’s set the reference point, he lifts the bar.

This follow up to his report on the murder of Danny Casolaro in 1991 covers a lot of ground. It all seems so long ago…

And yet, the secrets that Casolaro was beginning to expose leave you gasping. And then you extrapolate it forward to today.

I have mentioned the Promis software before, the extraordinary software developed to monitor – well, everything – and which was stolen by the DOJ, modified and on-sold to global intelligence agencies and then modified further by the Israelis and on-sold throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, and my previous article covered its likely use during 9/11 as discussed by Rebekah Roth. She also talked of “The Octopus”, and that name has popped up again in Corbett’s work.

And even if you’ve been around this murky world before, Corbett’s latest will leave you feeling – well – closely monitored and a little uncomfortable, at the very least, about how our world works.

Worth your time, in my opinion.


George Webb maps the Clinton Foundation treason and its service to the global elite

Rebekah Roth put me onto George Webb (thanks, Rebekah).

Webb is mapping an extraordinary path of deceit and destruction by Hillary Clinton and those who do her bidding.

George is putting out a daily update; however today’s video provides a great summary of the total picture.

It’s horrific but unless you understand it, you won’t know how the game gets played one to two levels below the surface. Hillary is still serving her masters, but it’s important to understand this if you want to know how the world works.

You can find the Seymour Hersh article The Red Line and the Rat Line referred to here. I can see why Webb has it as recommended reading.


Check out the extraordinary new, life-changing technology at

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