Rebekah Roth has followed the trail of crumbs from 9/11 to global Zionism

Rebekah Roth emerged out of nowhere, a retired international airline purser, who revealed new insights about what happened aboard and to the planes involved in the 9/11 attacks. And as she walked this path, she began to find aspects of Israeli involvement that no-one else had seen, such as a group of Israeli “arts students” living in the WTC and photographed in front of boxes and boxes of detonators.

And as she has walked and researched, she has begun to see the global control system. She demonstrates this by sharing the story of the attack on Max Igan – an irrepressible fellow Aussie – to seek to frighten him into not speaking out about Zionism and its role in the world.

One thing I’ll say about Max. He’s one they’ll have to kill to shut up, as the video clip at the bottom of that post demonstrates.

Unfortunately, it’s probably just a matter of time. He’s well informed and fearless. The same might be true about Rebekah.

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