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I recently referred to an interview by Richie Allen on Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion“. I have now finished reading this excellent and entertaining book.

Rebekah is a 30 year cabin crew veteran with a laser-sharp mind, and she has brought new insights to the 9/11 conversation, from the perspective of her cabin crew experience. Here are some quotes:

Every one of those calls was made on the ground and many of the callers were forced to use cue cards or notes with specific details they had to say.  It’s the only way I can explain the total lack of fear in their voices.  They knew the planes weren’t going to crash, since they’d already landed.  And it’s also the only way I can justify the total disregard for FAA hijacking protocols on the part of all the flight attendants.

So, why were none of the hijacking protocols followed by any of the flight attendants and why didn’t any pilot in one of the four cockpit crews hit the hijack code to notify air traffic control?

“Max, we were just about to do some research on the flight termination system on those Boeings used on 9/11.  Putting all of our experience and understanding together this morning over breakfast, we figured there was a good chance that a system like that might have taken over control of the planes remotely and the crews possibly didn’t even know they were being hijacked,” Jim explained. “That’s one explanation as to why none of the crew members responded as they were trained.  Had the planes been commandeered remotely, the flight deck would have assumed that when their plane didn’t respond to their commands, it was a mechanical problem, not a hijacking.”

Roth also discussed the PROMIS software and its widespread deployment:

This one single program could also operate and modify the source codes of other programs.  I know that sounds complicated, but in short, it could perform magic tricks, in a sense.  By using this backdoor, an operator could manipulate a computer screen remotely; he could make things that were not real show up as visible and cause other things that were real, to completely disappear.  It could take an FAA computer screen, for example, and display fake planes in the air traffic patterns and make a real plane’s radar blips disappear.  That same software also had the ability to make NORAD’s screens unable to view what the FAA or Air Traffic Controllers were seeing on their screens.  Now, can you see how someone with this software might be able to mess with our national security a wee bit?  It’s the perfect spy software.

And she discussed what she calls the “Octopus”, the hidden, satanic global control system:

Everything and everyone is being monitored, they just aren’t doing anything about it yet, but gathering and storing loads of information on every one of us.  If you are going to find a needle in a haystack you need the haystack.”

We grew up horrified by the stories of the Nazi’s in Germany, the old Soviet Union, and Communist China.  This is all basically the same threat, world domination and total control of the individual.  This beast has turned people against each other for centuries.  They have created wars, they have fed both sides intelligence, and they have made money implementing their plans.  When all the money to be made from war is exhausted, they end the conflict and hire each other to rebuild the countries they had just destroyed.  You know the Latin saying: Novus Ordo Seclorum, that’s found on the back of the dollar bill?  It means ‘A New Order of the Ages,’ don’t be tricked into thinking this has some sweet peaceful meaning, it’s all about total control and world domination.”

And Roth figured out where all those planes went:

Where would someone land a wide-body jet full of fuel?  Where is there a ten-thousand-foot runway twenty minutes or less from Logan?  And it would have to have the privacy to make those airplanes become invisible once they landed.  Large hangars perhaps,” Jim said and then muttered under his breath, “where, where, where?  We’re looking for a long runway about 80 miles west of Boston.”  Jim paused for a moment, “It’s going to have to be a long enough runway to land a 767 heavy and someplace remote enough that it wouldn’t be spotted.  We’re probably looking for a military airport that was no longer active or one that was used only on the weekends.”  Jim’s eyes were scanning the Google Earth map on his computer as he spoke. “Hey! I think we might have something here.”  He zoomed in to get a closer view.  “Vera, come and take a look at this.”

Vera was moving in Jim’s direction before he could finish his sentence.  “What?”

“Right here, check this out,” Jim told her as she pulled a chair up next to the desk.

“Let’s turn the labels on and see what this is.  It’s about the right distance from Boston. They could’ve brought a plane down within twenty minutes easily to this distance.”

Vera leaned in as Jim highlighted the labels. “Westover Air Force Base,” they both chimed in at the same moment…

… With no traffic on the ground, they could have been taxied into one of these five super-large hangers right here.”  Jim pointed to the satellite photo on his computer screen.  “See, these planes parked here?  They dwarf a 767.   These hangars could easily accommodate more than one commercial jet.”…

End of quotes.

And there’s much more. Roth has packaged core 9/11 information in a riveting fictional thriller. If you’re an old 9/11 hand or you are just beginning to wonder about 9/11, Roth’s book should be on your reading list.

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