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For many, this question is completely beyond comprehension. No-one could possibly do such a thing. This is the delusion that most people live inside. In truth, there is a global elite that has been controlling this planet for centuries if not millennia, including the two world wars of the last century. Again, this truth is beyond the comprehension of most people, but it is a subject about which I and many others have written extensively. You can simply use the search field on my blog to finding evidence for this.

But let us turn to the fires. As you may know, in the last two years, particularly, there have been highly destructive fires in California. In one case, in 2018 when the town of Paradise was destroyed, the evidence of it having been destroyed using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) was incontrovertible. Here is a link to my article covering this. In no other way would such clear-cut lines have been produced where houses were burnt and neighbouring items were not, including volatile eucalypts. I encourage you to look at this closely if this idea is foreign to you. I am discussing this because we are in a war that most of us have no knowledge of. That war is between the elite who control our planet and the rest of us, who simply wish to live an honest, caring and satisfying life.

What happened in Paradise is so clearcut that I doubt they will make such an obvious revelation again.

Further, the evidence that the US military, the CIA and others have been controlling the weather, in great detail, for some 50 years is very clear. Also, I have written extensively about the globalist agenda known as Agenda 21, now known as The 2030 Agenda. This involves moving most of the people on the planet out of the countryside and into small city apartments. It has used the false paradigm of global warming as its stalking horse; however, that agenda is at serious risk of coming unstuck as the planet cools. Please take note of the cold winter in the US last year and the even colder winter that is unfolding this year. Many areas broke their snowfall records before winter began.

In Australia, however, in the last month or so, we have seen unseasonably hot weather sweep the country. In my opinion, this has happened in part because Australia has been a recalcitrant in adopting the measures to offset the so-called man-made global warming, a fiction of the first order and one about which I have written extensively. In particular, there is evidence that fire accelerants have been sprayed or scattered in the atmosphere, to ensure these fires are extreme. Here is a link to a video (copied from Facebook), which claims to be showing the evidence of particulate matter that was dropped as a fire accelerant. I cannot say that this is accurate, but I am willing to consider it a possibility. However, I give you a tangible piece of evidence for this. In the recent fires in the Adelaide Hills, about one third of the vineyard areas were burnt to a cinder. The vignerons were unconcerned because green vineyards, in general, do not burn; however, these vineyards burned with a ferocity that was beyond their imagination.  Something caused those vineyards to be an inferno when under normal circumstances they would not. Simply the temperature? I doubt it.

As with anything that I write, do not ask that you accept my view. I simply ask that you consider it and do your own homework if you truly want to understand how our world works and what the global elite has planned for us all.


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