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Australia is reportedly moving to eliminate child support payments of up to $15,000 per year to parents who do not vaccinate their children.

Yawn… Move on… Nothing significant here.

I have previously commented that Australia is as controlled as Sweden, if not more so. The public are asleep inside a comfortable, well-oiled police state that they don’t even BEGIN to contemplate. It is said that we do not rail against the prison we cannot see. I lived inside it for most of my life without realising its nature. It’s only now that I spend a lot of my time outside of it and have begun to pick apart the globalist agenda that I see it clearly. For example , there’s scarcely a single Australian who knows that Frank Lowy, the Zionist creator of the massive Australian-based Westfield retail property business, was the head lessee of the retail spaces in the World Trade Center complex prior to 9/11, nor looked at the frequency of so-called terror attacks in Westfield-owned properties around the world. Coincidence? Of course, as is the time he spends in Israel and the power he wields there, and his attendance at Bohemian Grove gatherings. No, he’s the “sugar daddy” of Australian soccer.

Notice how both sides of politics (what a nonsense that is) line up on key measures that move the globalist agenda forward (terrorism, vaccination, etc.), but constantly bicker over minor issues. It’s all part of the façade.

Even though the evidence against vaccination is abundant if you look (i.e.  let’s begin with the evidence from a medical doctor in Britain showing the rapid decline in infection rates for common diseases fell in the 10-20 years BEFORE the introduction of vaccination, not after as the propaganda claims and how Britain’s JCVI has placed the vaccination agenda ahead of public and individual health), no-one gets to see this data, so we’ll just claim that there is evidence that herd immunity is a scientifically proven phenomenon when it’s not, and dose everyone with the horrific cocktail contained in vaccines.

If you want to understand a little of the truth and history of vaccination, you may want to begin with this video by Dr. Randall Tent. He begins with some history that the medical fraternity and those agents of Big Pharma who indoctrinate them would rather you not know; for example, the role of SV40 as the most likely cause of the explosion in soft tissue cancers over the last 50 years and how it skipped from the Simian monkey to almost every human on the planet, beginning in the United States; one of the greatest hidden medical travesties. But then, every cancer patient is worth about $300K to the medical establishment, and there are substantial kickbacks paid to doctors for every chemotherapy patient, at least in the US, so what’s not to like about this?

And you cannot consider the subject of vaccination without hearing the views of Dr. Rima Laibow, who personally prevented the US Government from using a so-called pandemic threat to roll out a vaccination that would have sterilised most if not all of the American population. You think I’m being melodramatic? Watch the video interview and see for yourself.

An informed public would be screaming at this travesty and searching out ways to deal with the viral load they have collected from vaccination, not to mention the autoimmune disease triggers from foreign DNA and chromosomal material that enters the body from vaccination. But no; let’s watch our favourite TV shows or sport, or focus on cuddle time with our grandkids whilst the globalists are killing them. Let’s just accept what the mainstream media tells us. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they? No, the minutiae of life are just far too important to take the time to question the beliefs we hold so preciously about the world in which we live and how those in authority are looking out for us.

Besides, what can little me do about it? Quite a lot, if you care enough and look.

And we are NOT our beliefs. So few open up the distinction between themselves and their beliefs in their lives, and the globalists rely upon it to control us. Wake up and do the work to be informed or watch the world as you know it be destroyed. The choice is yours. I have made mine.

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