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OTTAWA – Israel has expressed its gratitude to Canada for helping to block a major international plan towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

Elsewhere, however, there was widespread international disappointment that Canada and Britain supported the United States in opposing the document at the United Nations review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The document called on the UN to hold a disarmament conference on the Middle East by 2016. Such a conference could have forced Israel to publicly acknowledge that it is a nuclear power, something the Jewish state has never done.

Adopting the document would have required a consensus, but since none was reached, that means nuclear disarmament efforts have been blocked until 2020.

In a weekend phone call, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Stephen Harper for what he called Canada’s principled stand, Harper’s office in Ottawa said in a statement.

End of quote.

Of course, the mainstream press does not expose this sham – the way the so-called major world governments allow Israel to hide from the public the well-established fact that it has nuclear weapons, and allows it to continue ridiculous charade towards Iran, which has no such plans.

But nobody looks, nobody cares. If you pull on this thread, you will see the scope of the charade; namely that the Zionists run the globe, including all of these so-called independent countries that are supporting them in the UN. I watch many well-meaning people protesting about:

  • compulsory vaccination,
  • GMO,
  • 9/11,
  • Agenda 21,
  • global terror,
  • the forced migration of Moslems to Western countries to foment unrest,
  • unaddressed poverty and starvation in many countries,
  • global paedosadism that goes unprosecuted
  • and many other threads of this charade,

who cannot bring themselves, for various reasons, to see the horrific totality of this game;

  • that the Zionists have had complete control of the US since at least 1913 and arguably earlier,
  • that they created the Bolshevik Revolution,
  • that they created two world wars last century, one purpose being the creation of Israel,
  • and so on.

It is so horrific that most sane people do not want to even contemplate it, either because they are Jewish (and have been taken in by the Zionists), they want to believe in the essential goodness of their fellow man, or they know that if they reveal it they will no longer be able to get their books published, or they just want to make the best of the life they have, essentially “fiddling whilst Rome burns”.

So be it. As I’ve said before, I do not see this being addressed in this current consciousness. The depth of the deceit and the degree of their control is unimaginable to most. Beliefs are far more powerful than the truth or the desire to find it, for most people. Those running our world rely upon it.

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