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I quote from the accompanying text to this video:

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the founder of the CPN Institute Mark Pedersen about the amazing miracles they provide with medical marijuana. Locally, nationally and internationally, Cannabis Patient Network Institute is a vocal advocate for the sick and dying. They travel across the nation to bring education to the children, families and other citizens in need of cannabis therapy and information about its medicinal use.
To find out more check out

End of quote.

Most people today have NO IDEA about the medical value of cannabis. It used to be a major natural product for healing, until it was banned early in the last century. I’m my opinion, there are three possible reasons, and perhaps all three were in play:

  1. It was such a powerful natural medicine that it would have competed with John D Rockefeller’s creation of modern medicine as a way to sell pharmaceuticals, an industry he had essentially purchased since the early pharmaceuticals were made from oil refining by-products.
  2. DuPont was introducing nylon and did not want competition from the extraordinary natural hemp that comes from this plant.
  3. Cannabis tends to break down mind control programming. As Cathy O’Brien explained in her books, drugs were everywhere in her enslaved, mind controlled world, but cannabis use was absolutely forbidden. Unknown to most of the public, forms of mind control programming are conducted via film and television and those driving this do not want their work tampered with.

Of course, we are told it is because it is such a dangerous, harmful drug, which is entertaining since alcohol and tobacco, to name two, are legal, not to mention the addictive, mind altering psychotropic drugs that Big Pharma foists upon the unwary. As Graham Hancock explains from his 30 year cannabis habit, it can be addictive and not necessarily socially helpful when it’s a 16 hour/day habit, but as far as I can tell, it has never killed anyone, which makes it unusual if not unique.

So, it is exciting to see the medicinal properties of cannabis being recognised once more, even if they have to begin by healing issues that western medicine has failed to address. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Rima Laibow is a powerful advocate for the healing properties of cannabis and has a project in Chile to grow organic cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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