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This, my friends, is how it’s done:

  1. Your target is a cashless society.
  2. You choose a no brainer case where the benefits will be absolutely obvious – preventing money being spent on booze and gambling by a rural Aussie disenfranchised, largely Aboriginal community.
  3. Guess what? The benefits are obvious.
  4. You have Prime Minister Turnbull spend TWO DAYS (can you imagine?) in that outback town, dragging the presstitutes with him, to publicise this great success. Job done.
  5. Of course, in due course, the formal review will rubber stamp its great success.
  6. On to the next step in the broader community rollout of a cashless world.
  7. Probably one of the key (hidden) agendas of Turnbull’s PMship.

As David Icke so aptly calls it, the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

As I keep saying, you only have to have your eyes open to see it. I quote:

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge rejected local criticisms.

“It seems that most of the objections are ideological rather than practical,” he said.

“If you’re a responsible individual, and if you’re not a big gambler, drinker or drug taker, the only impact on you is that instead of reaching into your pocket for cash, you’ll reach into your pocket, grab your card, swipe it and off you go.”

End of quote.

Onward and upward…


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