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I have shared several messages with you about the practice of mind control, across the world but especially in the United States. I do so because it is one of the most sinister and powerful mechanisms at work in our world, serving the elite in every imaginable and in some cases unimaginable ways. 

My reference point on this has been and perhaps will remain the beautiful Cathy O’Brien and no less a level her husband Mark Phillips, Cathy having been a Presidential mind controlled slave who was released from her programming by her now husband Mark Phillips, and has shared the core of her journey through their books together, Trance:Formation of America and Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. 

There are so many YouTube videos that talk about this, most of which I find as bad as the issue they are raising. This video contains, in my view, some accurate information about how aspects of this game works, most of which is touched on in some form in the books above. I do not vouch for all of the examples, but there is a good chance they are accurate, nor is all of this tied into covens, as the latter part of the video might tend to suggest, and the ending of it leaves me cold – but despite these caveats I felt it had enough to significantly outweigh the downsides. 

Unless we understand what’s going on, how can we possible hope to change it? 

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