Psychologist-led study claims climate change deniers are conspiracy theorists and are damaging the public debate on global warming

I quote this article:

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, an experimental psychologist at the University of Bristol who led the work, said: ‘These results add to a growing body of research on the nature of internet discourse and the role of the blogosphere in climate denial.


Prince Charles, who campaigns on environmental issues, recently insisted there was no such conspiracy.

He said the international bodies that now accept the threat of climate change could ‘scarcely be accused of being part of some half-baked conspiracy dreamt up by extreme environmentalists intent on undermining capitalism’.

End of quotes.

When they are using psychological research and Prince Charles to shore up the walls, things must be getting grim – the man whose mother is reportedly the world’s largest landowner.

I especially love the “undermining capitalism” bit. If you understand who is behind this scam and why, you will also recognise that the only capitalism they care about is their own. The “state” – meaning them – will own everything and we will be but serfs. If we’re still alive.

Look at what has been done to the world in the name of free trade and promoting democracy. Anyone want the democracy that has been brought to Iraq and Libya, for example? Bombed back to the stone age and the education system and literacy standards destroyed. Similarly Afghanistan.

And the notion of free trade has destroyed the United States and most other established industrial economies. Few are aware that the entire source of US government funding in the plans of its founders came from tariffs on imported goods. There was no personal income tax prior to the first term of Woodrow Wilson, which also saw the introduction of the private Fed, owned and directed by the global Zionist bankers. And who benefited from GATT and NAFTA and will benefit from TPP, etc.? The global companies, of course. GATT and NAFTA were the vehicle to destroy US manufacturing, and they were completely successful.

And I’ve already made my position clear on the global warming scam, created to justify the secretive Agenda 21 by the same forces that gave us the Holocaust hoax to justify the creation of Israel and embarrass the demonising goyim.

But these people hide their tracks carefully. Perhaps I’ll get some time in the coming days to expose more of their activities to you.

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