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Former CPS employee Carlos Morales dedicates his life to fight for our future; the youth. Financial interests may be driving a kidnapping ring known as Child Protective Services. CPS is exposed as corrupt organization with ulterior motives. Consider our future; the children. Join in solidarity donate to the cause and help fight the good fight. visit

Here is a well-meaning guy (Carlos Morales) who has highlighted the tip of the iceberg. He has exposed what CPS is doing – they are financially incented to remove children from their parents and place them in foster homes, subjected them to far greater abuse, and most importantly, the parent/child bond is broken. Foster Homes: Where Good Kids Go To Die is his catchphrase.

What Carlos does not understand is that this is part of a global plan. I have shared with you how this is happening in Britain, also. It is a mechanism to break down societal structuring and to disenfranchise the children. At the moment it’s just targeting the disenfranchised, but with time they will come for your children or your children’s children.

The young woman who comes to clean Carolyn’s house is a poor, single mother of two. Recently, she was caught speeding. As a result of her court appearance, she was placed under supervised probation and fingerprinted. For a minor speeding offence. This young woman has a brother who has many convictions for drugs, theft, etc. but has never been subjected to this. I immediately saw the beginning of the plan to take her children if she puts a foot wrong, and I warned her very strongly to abide by all elements of her probation, although I did not tell her what the risk was. She’s already fear-filled enough.

Somewhere along this path, you will need to take a stand. Will you be ready and willing?

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