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This article entitled Hunger Games no longer fiction: New reality show to strand contestants in wilderness while viewers send aid triggered something I have been meaning to share with you.

When I watched the original Hunger Games movie, I realised this was, like so many Hollywood productions, sharing themes from real life, and in this case there is a mix of two themes:

  1. This separation of society into two essential strata; one living a shallow, structured, trappings-enriched life (I was reminded of the model being tested in Sandy Hook as shared by Sofia Smallstorm), and a second impoverished, slave class. We are well down the path of the creation of this within developed societies (the so-called 1% vs. the 99%, which is more like .01% or less), and it is well in place when we look in the third world.
  2. The “sport” of hunting people in a controlled manner, usually killing them but sparing others. Cathy O’Brien wrote of experiencing this, along with her daughter at the hands of Cheney, Bush Sr. and their friend Bill Clinton. She was aware that others were shot and killed, having been hunted down with dogs, but she and her daughter were spared. Other abuses awaited them… Almost identical stories come forth in the testimony of Toos Nijenhuis, a story of satanic ritual abuse that she suffered as a child up to the age of 12. Again, she was aware of others being killed but she was spared.

Hunger Games brings both of these themes forth into the public through the use of film. It is a widespread practice, of which I could give you many examples. Now we see the Hunger Games themes being reinforced by movie sequels and now reality TV shows. And so it goes…

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