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Will a Bio Engineered Super-Honey Take over Real Honey?

For me, the real story here is the power of honey as a healing and wound cleansing agent. Our world is full of these wonderful, powerful natural healing agents, and we have been taught to ignore them and go to the allopathic medicine dispenser (doctor to most of you) and be prescribed some complex, patented compound that Big Pharma provides, often at high cost and with not insignificant side effects. 

Seen many reports of the side effects of using honey for wound care, recently? I thought not. My friend and business partner Carolyn has been suffering from cellulitis for several years, which was leading to hospitalisation every 6 months or so. With the combination of a pure aloe vera product and a cream derived from honey and other bee products applied once/day, her visits to the hospital for this ceased. 

Our world is full of such naturally provided preventions and cures. Let us rediscover the gifts that have been given to us, and let’s also ensure Big Pharma does not find a way to slap a patent on them. It is perhaps 20 years since I have visited an allopathic doctor for anything other than to have my skin checked for cancers. 

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Maryland Parent Arrested for Challenging Common Core School Curriculum

Thank you, Molly. 

In case you are not across this, there is a deliberate effort to dumb down education in the US, and elsewhere in the world. It has been active for at least 15 years. This article illustrates a recent example. There are many elements to thorough enslavement, and this is one of them. 

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Obama Intends War on Syria

I agree with Stephen Lendman’s view in this article, as perhaps you would not be surprised to hear. If they really want to make it happen, as they seem to, they will create the excuse as they always do. The compelling case. 

And again, for me, the question is will Iran deploy its extraordinary technology based upon the work of Mehran Keshe, and will it be as effective as Keshe claims it will be? 

We continue to wait and see. 

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Proposed FDA Food Safety Rules Support Factory Farming, Threaten Family Farms

No surprises here.  

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally poised to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

Food Safety Modernisation. The trick is to expect the bill to be about the exact opposite of what its name suggests – or if not that, something at a complete tangent and reinforcing the power elite. 

This stance will get you fairly close on this one 

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